Birdies Coffee & Treats

Coffee & Treats on the Fly at Birdies Coffee & Treats
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5.0 / 5
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Visiting this quaint little coffee truck in Blowing Rock, NC is a stop you won’t soon forget. The experience of enjoying a drink or dessert from Birdies Coffee & Treats combined with their friendly service and ideal riverside location means that a stop to visit Birdies is one that will make your day a bit brighter, no matter what is on the itinerary. 

- The Local Expert Team

Birdies Coffee & Treats of Blowing Rock, NC is a company born from a friendship between owners Tiffany and Katie and their shared passion for chasing simplicity. It was also based on their mutual love of treats, coffee, community, and quality time. After careful consideration, the vision for Birdies took flight and began a beloved family business on HWY 321 that offers drive-thru and walk-up service for coffee and treats on the fly.

This super cute coffee truck is a beloved pit stop both for locals and visitors passing through the area. Their overarching purpose is to connect the community through teas, coffees, and treats. Guests rave about their specialty drinks as well as their beautiful location, situated by the river off Middle Fork Greenway. Other visitors claim their quick and friendly service is a great way to start their day and is a welcome addition to their daily commute. Although you can drive through or even walk up, many guests say they have set along the outdoor picnic tables that Birdies Coffee & Treats provides and enjoyed their free WiFi, while partaking of their delicious coffees and drinks.

Locals claim Birdies Coffee & Treats has the best coffee mix in all of Blowing Rock or Boone. Many guests especially enjoy getting a treat before or after they enjoy a walk on the nearby river trail. The setting cannot be beaten and the quality of the products served is without question. Add to this the fact that Birdie’s drinks, eats, and treats now also includes the four-legged members of the family and a stop here is a win, win prospect. Wet Nose & Nibbles is now proudly providing Birdies Coffee & Treats with the best locally baked doggie treats available.

Birdies Coffee & Treats serves a variety of treats from local bakers and makers including daily offerings. Their drinks are also locally sourced featuring locally roasted coffee from the Local Lion. Due to their rotating coffee drink specials, tea, hot chocolate, and espresso options, you can be assured that there is something for virtually everyone to try when visiting their beautiful location.

When visiting Birdies Coffee & Treats, you can not really make a bad choice when it comes to what drink or treat you select. In addition, their daily specials and what they have available that has been baked locally are always changing. However, there are a few signature Birdies Coffee & Treats drinks you simply must try when visiting the coffee truck.

When listing Birdies, you must try…

Bee Still
As one of Birdies’ signature drinks, the Bee Still is a traditional latte with your choice of milk and flavored with a hint of vanilla and honey. The finishing touch is the dusting of cinnamon.

Dirty Bird
This chai tea latte features a shot of espresso and is designed to help you take flight onward and upward to conquer your day.

Gimme Sugars
Just like you expected to find in Grandma’s kitchen on a laid-back Sunday morning, this signature drink is a brown sugar and cinnamon latte that comes with your choice of milk.

Hello Honey
This beloved signature drink is a guest favorite. It is an oat milk latte with lavender and whole hive honey. Even non-coffee drinkers love this coffee!

Middle Fork Matcha Latte
This organic matcha latte features a hint of pistachio and vanilla.

The Chief
This fall seasonal drink is only available during the fall season. It is a triple shot latte with bourbon caramel syrup. The description says “for the outsiders, for the riders, for the ones burning rubber off their tires.”

Choc it Like its Hot
This is yet another guest favorite and is the Birdies’ signature hot chocolate featuring toasted marshmallow syrup, whipped cream, and mini mallows.

Insider Tips:
-You can follow Birdies Coffee & Treats on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about their daily specials.
-Coffee and espresso are available in 12 and 16-ounce offerings, while cold drinks are 20 oz.
-Birdies also serves Chai and Asheville Tea Co. tea at their location.