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Experience Exquisite Spice and Flavor at Mint Indian Cuisine
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4 / 5
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Although the physical location of Mint Indian Cuisine in Boone, NC is pretty nondescript, don’t let its outside appearance fool you. Stepping inside this comfortable restaurant with knowledgeable staff ready to assist you will give you an authentic taste of real world Indian cuisine you won’t soon forget. 

- The Local Expert Team

Mint Indian Cuisine brings exquisite spices and flavors and top-of–the-class service to Boone, NC. At Mint, you will partake of traditional Indian food that has a history dating back to the reign of the British Empire in India. Indian cuisine was thought by many to closely fit the definition of ambrosia, a delightful, heavenly, and delicate dish.

Whether you are a fan of Indian dishes and already know this for yourself, or have never tried them before and are excited to learn more, you will be happy to know that Indian dishes like those served at Mint Indian Cuisines are considered some of the world’s most flavorful.

The options you will find at Mint include a variety of appetizers, snacks, side dishes, and desserts. Indian cuisine is known to combine as many tastes as possible, thus equally satisfying spice-lovers, those who love salty fare, and those who prefer everything to have a touch of sweetness.

While Mint acknowledges and respects the wonderful history that makes up the tradition of Indian delicacies, they aim to push the boundaries of those restrictions somewhat to modernize the established taste, elevating them even more and creating new, interesting, and fascinating delights.

Guests rave about the service offered at Mint as being exceptional and explain how the staff worked with them to cater their meals perfectly to allow for allergies and dietary restrictions. The atmosphere is described as comfortable and charming, with an admittedly nondescript location as Mint is located in a strip center.

The authentic Indian cuisine at Mint is beloved by guests and locals alike and is praised as being a place sure to bring flavor and spice to any dish. If you aren’t sure what to order when visiting for the first time, be sure to ask your server to recommend some of their most popular options or share your taste preferences for a more personalized choice.

There are many dishes worth ordering when visiting Mint Indian Cuisine. However, some of the signature fares you simply must try when visiting include the following…

Begin your visit to Mint with one of their mouth-watering appetizers. Choose from several options including the vegetable samosa, fish fry, shrimp coconut fritters, lamb pepper, or the tandoori assorted appetizer.

You have three choices when it comes to delicious soup options. These include tomato soup, chicken soup, or the seafood special soup.

Tandoori Entrees
The options in the tandoori category include several choices, such as the boti kebab, the chicken tikka, and the lamb chops.

Chicken Entrees
These dishes that feature tender white meat creations using chicken include the chicken curry, the chicken tikka masala, the chicken saag, and the chicken vindaloo.

Vegan and Vegetarian Specialties
At Mint, even those with dietary restrictions can enjoy the delicious tastes of Indian cuisine by choosing one of the dishes in this menu category. There are many choices, including the eggplant bharta, the malai kofta, paneer krahi, gobi tawa masala, chana masala, bhindi masala, and more.

The bread served at Mint is handmade in their tandoor. Options include paratha, naan, masala, poori, garlic naan, and an assorted bread basket.

There are also rice entrees that you can enjoy at Mint to go along with a variety of other dishes. Rice pilau, basmati rice steamed, paneer biryani, chicken biryani, lamb biryani, fish biryani, and lemon rice are just a few of the many options.

Side Orders
These menu items make the perfect companion to a well-thought-out meal. Choose from items like tamarind chutney, yogurt, raita, mango chutney, roasted papad, steamed broccoli, achaar, or onion or mint chutney to round out any meal.

Of course, no visit to Mint would be truly complete without at least one dessert. Options include the gulab jamun, the kulfi-pista— mango or plain— kheer, gajar halwa, ice cream, cheesecake, or ras malai.

Insider Tip:
Mint Indian Cuisine also has an online order feature that allows for easy carry-out when in the Boone area.