Boone Bagelry

Boone Bagelry – Start Every Day with a Bagel Creation to Remember in Boone
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3.5 / 5
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A downtown Boone staple since 1988, Boone Bagelry proudly serves as the place to go for a filling breakfast and lunch. The creation of their handcrafted bagels kickstarts every single day. Then, they go big on the flavor by piling fresh, local ingredients on top to your liking – and serving a whole lot more.

- The Local Expert Team

At Boone Bakery, handcrafted bagel goodness is the name of the game, but they don’t stop there. Pancakes, specialty sandwiches, and everything in between fills out their menu beautifully. So, it’s no wonder why they’ve become well-known as the top spot for breakfast and lunch in downtown Boone.

Despite all the homecooked goodness on the menu, their bagels remain the star of the show, and for good reason. They always bake their bagels fresh on a daily, ensuring they’re perfectly chewy and flavorful every time. With the crew working at full bore, they churn out handcrafted bagels by the dozen in every flavor imaginable, including poppy, sesame, onion, raisin, blueberry, and everything, of course.

Their decadent topping options never fail to delight either. If you’re coming in for breakfast, you can build your perfect bagel by choosing butter, cream cheese, or a flavored spread. Their flavored spreads often get handmade in-house, too, and include delicious flavors like spinach artichoke, cucumber dill, chocolate chip, walnut raisin, and berries galore. Want something new? Ask about their seasonal spread.

As for lunch, you can use their bagels to create a custom sandwich. After picking your bagel flavor, you’ll need to choose between their tuna salad, chicken salad, turkey, corned beef, or ham. Then, decide if you want it regular or overstuffed and step back to eagerly wait for the magic to happen. If you’d rather leave the innovation to the professionals, go with a specialty sandwich instead.

You cannot miss their:

Want to take your favorite bagel flavor to the next level? Let the Bagelicious be your breakfast of choice. Available in regular and overstuffed varieties, this house specialty starts with a fried egg made any way you like it. Then, they slice a bagel in half and pop the fried egg, bacon, and ham inside. After that, American, Swiss, or Muenster cheese joins the party before it all gets melted in the oven.

Pancake Special
The Pancake Special makes it easy to satisfy your sweet tooth in an instant. With this dish, you’ll get one egg done in any style you like, plus one pancake and bacon. If you’d like more pancakes, you can order extras three at a time. Butter and syrup top your pancakes if you wish – or you can go with add-ons, like blueberries, chocolate chips, and walnuts for an extra charge.

Tempeh Reuben
When you want to forego the meat but not the flavor, the Tempeh Reuben awaits the chance to tantalize your taste buds. This tasty dish begins with tempeh prepared perfectly to replace the corned beef. After that, they put the tempeh on grilled rye bread before melting Swiss cheese on top. Sauerkraut and thousand island dressing add to the magic next. A pickle plus either chips or potato salad lands alongside, although you can upgrade to French fries for a little bit more.

Bagelry Burger
Whenever you’re craving a burger but can’t pass on the bagel, the Bagelry Burger is the way to go, for sure. This lunchtime favorite begins with a burger patty grilled to perfection. Then, they split a bagel, put the burger on top, and add lettuce and tomato to the mix. Cheese and bacon are available for an extra charge, too. At the end, a pickle and your choice of side finish off your meal just right.

Although you’re welcome to take your bagels and run, they do have plenty of seating available for their patrons. On nice days, their patio area is a great place to chow down while watching all the action on King Street. Their indoor tables are equally nice, especially if you want to gaze at all their interesting murals and other décor.

Insider Tips:
-Jet in bright and early to get a taste of their early bird specials.
-Craving a bagel but have to skip the wheat? Ask about their gluten-free options.
-If you pay in cash, you’ll get a 5% discount on your order.
-On Sunday, you can get a free ¼ pound of cream cheese when you buy a dozen bagels.