Willie Brooks BBQ

Willie Brooks BBQ – Enjoy Craft Brews, Great Food, and Live Music in Boone
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you’re craving authentic BBQ with the drinks to match, set your sights on a visit to Willie Brooks BBQ. At each visit to this Boone joint, you can easily get your fill of home-cooked deliciousness before grabbing a custom cake to go. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to hear live music playing during your visit – and even walk away with a few new friends.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

At Willie Brooks BBQ, they truly offer the full package. Authentic BBQ goodness. Custom cakes made to order. Craft brews and whiskey delights. And, to top it all off, this Boone eatery has live music playing on the regular plus offers ample opportunities for fun and friendship. Does it really get any better than that? Loyal patrons give a resounding no to that sentiment as they land in the dining room in droves all week long.

Although they stay busy from open to close, you never have to make a reservation. Their team goes all out to welcome all their patrons through the doors and find them a table fast. So, even if you have to wait around, you can count on feeling right at home from the moment you walk inside. Their rustic wood and brick aesthetic adds to the magic while setting the stage for a memorable meal.

If you want a seat fast, ask to grab a stool at the bar since those spots tend to clear out the fastest. Otherwise, busy yourself by watching one of the many TVs around the place or listening to live music if it’s playing.  Before you know it, you’ll arrive at a table and get to settle down for a read of the menus. They have one menu dedicated to all their tasty food and another outlining their craft brews and whiskey drinks.

There’s almost an overwhelming number of options on each menu. But rest assured that you cannot go wrong no matter what you decide to go with. All their BBQ fare gets smoked onsite, going low and slow to build flavor and maximize tenderness. They pair each meat with scratch-made sides designed to stick to your ribs and leave you wholly satisfied.

Before filling up to the top with appetizers, BBQ meats, and sides, ask your server about their dessert of the day. Banana Cream Pudding and other decadent desserts often roll out of the kitchen on demand. If you don’t ask, you’ll likely miss out since the rotation of desserts never stays long enough to get a spot on the menu.

You simply cannot miss their:

Garlic Cheese Curds
You can always count on the Garlic Cheese Curds to start your meal off right. These little bites of amazing start with fresh cheese curds battered by hand. Then, they pop in the fryer until golden brown and hot and bubbly inside. The warm marinara sauce goes alongside right before they arrive at your table ready for your pure enjoyment.

The Willie Special
The Willie Special gives you a taste of all the fan favorites on the menu. You’ll get a half chicken, ¼ slab of ribs, ½ pound of pulled pork, ½ pound of brisket, one sausage, and four sides of your choice. Needless to say, it’s big enough for two, although you probably won’t feel like sharing.

Salmon of the Day
If you’re not really in the mood for BBQ, the Salmon of the Day is definitely a great choice. When you order this dish, you’ll get fresh grilled salmon prepared to the chef’s liking. They select your sauce and accompaniments, creating a delightfully delicious meal to remember.

As you enjoy your meal, let your gaze land on the bakery case full of cakes at the front. Each day, the case fills up with their custom cakes, which get ordered in advance by patrons in the know. Always made with three to four scrumptious layers, these cakes promise to take your festivities to the next level. Want to order your own? Just give them a call or fill out the online form at least a few days before you need it.

Insider Tips:
-Want to take plenty of BBQ to go? Just ask about their ala carte meats, sold by the half and full pound.
-Since they smoke their meats daily in-house, they often sell out of their most popular fare. So, come in early if you want burnt ends or other fan favorites.
-If you’d like to listen to live music while you chow down, plan your visit for the weekend.
-They only serve the dishes in the entrée section after 5 pm on Thursday through Saturday.