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The Odd

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Take a Walk on the Weird Side at The Odd (Formerly the Odditorium)
Written by: Jasmin Diaz
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4.5 / 5
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Enter the dark, macabre, and freakish world of The Odditorium in Asheville for a truly unique experience. While not scary, but weirder, the ambiance of the bar/museum and art show is one that pushes the envelope a bit in terms of what is considered acceptable and “normal.” Anyone who loves the odd side of life or lives for a freaky experience will simply love visiting this bar. Come during one of their events for an even more impactful experience.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Offering more than just a dive bar, The Odditorium (now known as The Odd), in Asheville, NC, is a place for a wicked good time. Offering an anomaly of artifacts and arts, and promoting freakishly incredible events, a visit to The Odd features all genres of music, and is a part music venue, part oddities’ museum, and more. Burlesque, dance parties, art shows, drag, strange collections, fun events, and comedy are all featured within its doors. The full events calendar that is available at The Odd is accompanied by scrumptious food and delicious bar service, offering a bit of wicked fun to everyone who enters.

Bar visitors rave about the fun bartenders and the affordable yet delicious drinks, along with offering praise of the DJ choices of 2000s bops which get played every Saturday night. The eclectic menu, which features brunch items during certain times, offers an alternative to typical bar fare. The vibe is friendly and welcoming for either single visitors or those who visit in a group. The oddities bar/museum claims that they are the restaurant and venue for the peculiar children of Asheville. It fits well with the Asheville mantra of “Keep Asheville Weird”, and “Let Your Freak Flag Fly.” 

The overall atmosphere outside The Odd is set with murals from local artists that range from sweet and pretty to unsettling and dark. Inside, things turn even more to the macabre with nods to freak shows, carnival, skeletons, and a general celebration of all that is fringe and dark. It is worth a stop even if not drinking or eating just to take in the eclectic, interesting vibe. As an added bonus, at The Odd much of what is on display is for sale, so you can even take a bit of “weird Asheville” back home with you. This oddball venue with a curated amalgamation of slideshow curiosities, taxidermy, memorabilia, and more is a great way to spend a few hours when visiting the area.

Special events at The Odd are always on the docket and range in theme to suit a wide range of tastes. Notable events include guest band appearances, as well as community flea markets, and more. Each and every Saturday features a Party Foul Drag and Whiskey & GoGo After Party that guests can attend. There is even a Drag Brunch event on the schedule entitled Panties in a Bruch, which offers an interesting take on the standard stately brunch experience.

When visiting The Odd, in addition to seeing all the many oddities that call the place home and the thought-provoking murals, be sure to try the following…

The Blood of my Enemies
Not to be outdone by the gruesome accouterments within the bar, you can order this drink which is made with four roses bourbon, and cherries and is served in a skull!

Merman’s Glitterade
This drink includes vodka, glamour, glitter, magical flower, lavender, and lemonade.

As beer’s best friend, you can enjoy jello shots off “The Hits” menu that includes some of the most popular drinks. Bloodies, mimosas, juices, and more are also available.

Radioactive Unicorn Tears
This drink, which features rum, coconut, whipped cream, and Lucky Charms marshmallows is most certainly magically delicious.

Wham! Bam! Thank You Clam!
This drink features a bottle of liquor, juices, a bottle of champagne, and a treasure chest of goodies.

More Lunch Than Brunch
Also on the menu are some tasty treats that will keep you full. Grilled cheese, Philly cheesesteak, filet of fish sandwich, chicken sandwich, burger, and more are on the menu.

For the brunch service, you can try the biscuits and gravy, the smothered and covered hash browns, the biscuit, or English muffin, the breakfast burrito, or the pancakes.

Insider Tips:
-The Odd features outdoor patio seating as well as indoor spaces and a music stage.
-Don’t park at the nearby restaurants instead of at The Odd as these venues will have your car towed. Free parking is available at The Odd.