Reems Creek Golf Club

Reems Creek Golf Club: Enjoy the Mountain Atmosphere at this Challenging and Visually Stunning Course
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Reems Creek Golf Club brings a distinctly alpine feel to the golf experience, complete with significant elevation changes and, of course, stunning views. Stop by for a peaceful journey through one of the region's most pleasant courses.

- The Local Expert Team

The Asheville area boasts a variety of excellent golf courses that offer enjoyable challenges and remarkable scenery. Many of these lie beyond the city limits, where the views are especially impressive. If you’re willing to drive to Weaverville, you’ll encounter the indescribable beauty of the Reems Creek Golf Club. This semi-private club makes every trip on the links a pleasure.

The course itself is enjoyable, but visitors are typically most impressed by the magnificent views of the mountains available for the entire duration of each golfing session. While considerable focus will be needed to excel on the links, you’ll want to take at least a few moments to relax and enjoy the scenery or snap a few photos.

Much of the course’s charm derives from its typical lack of crowds. Reems Creek is rarely busy, which is a definite perk for those looking to escape the crowds of the area’s better-known courses. Don’t worry about feeling pressured to play faster; at Reems Creek, you’re welcome to navigate the course at your own pace.

Although accessible to beginners, the club’s par-72 course delivers a variety of challenges that are sure to keep experts interested. Most of these involve significant elevation changes, which will quickly determine who is most capable of picking the right club for the circumstances at hand. Strategic holes situated at every turn require precision above power, although an element of both are critical to success. Ultimately, variety is the course’s greatest strength; no two sections are quite alike, so boredom remains a foreign concept even for experienced golfers.

While the course is generally well-maintained, the bunkers are occasionally referenced as a point of concern. They have been known to get washed out during storms and even in nice weather may contain rocks, clay, or other obstacles. Maintenance is more impressive on the fairways and greens.

Once you’ve conquered the course, feel free to stop by the restaurant for a bite or to relax on the patio. You’ll find a sizable selection of soups, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers. A variety of beverages are also available, including beer, wine, and fountain drinks. As you dine, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the course.

If you’re on the hunt for a unique golfing experience with beautiful views and reasonable prices, you can’t go wrong with the Reems Creek Golf Club. Take advantage of a serene setting in which the golf challenges are both exciting and manageable. Even a brief visit to this lovely course will deliver complete rejuvenation.

Insider Tips:
– Several areas of the course tend to suffer poor drainage, which can make navigating the green that much more difficult for beginners. If you’re new to golf, you’re best off visiting in dry conditions and avoiding the course in the days following significant rainfall.
– As mentioned previously, club selection is a big deal here. With so many elevation changes, you’ll want to take your time deciding which club to use for certain approach shots.
– Because so many of the spots on the course are blind, playing for the first time can be difficult, if not downright frustrating. If possible, it’s worth trying the course twice, as you’ll enjoy a far different experience when you know what to expect.