Vortex Doughnuts

Vortex Doughnuts in Asheville - A Cute Place to Enjoy Your Sweet Treats
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4.5 / 5
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Vortex Doughnuts is a quality place to enjoy a sweet treat with your friends and family. The owners of Vortex Doughnuts take measures to ensure that every ingredient for their sweet treats is carefully selected. You will notice enough variety on their menu to appeal to any preference. They offer two separate styles of doughnuts to visitors at their shop: a fluffy, light doughnut and a crispy, heavier doughnut. The attention to detail in every doughnut they make gives you the opportunity to try out something new every time you visit their shop.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Vortex Doughnuts was founded in 2014 with a clear goal. They wanted to use the highest quality ingredients while building up the local community. The owners remain committed to using local ingredients and working with local farmers and businesses for their coffee and ingredients. The doughnut shop’s location on 32 Banks Avenue in Asheville is conveniently located. You can stop by the shop when you go out for a walk or when you are looking for a place to relax on a weekend morning.

When you step through the door of this cute doughnut shop, you will notice the unique and funky atmosphere. The owners focused on designing a space that fits the open floor plan and high ceilings. It gives the space a comfortable feel that helps you relax as you enjoy a cup of coffee and a specialized hand-made doughnut. You will also notice the outside yard that offers additional seating during warm weather.

The staff in the doughnut shop are helpful and friendly. When you walk through the doors, they are ready to answer any questions you may have about the menu and available coffee beverages. If you are not sure about the options available on their menu, they will explain the differences between their doughnuts and help you find the right coffee for your taste. You will also notice on your second visit that they rotate and change their coffee, so you can have something new with each visit.

Doughnuts and specialized items you can find on their menu include:

Espresso Beverages
This strong and bitter drink is the perfect addition to any doughnut on their menu and you will find that the flavors change to fit different tastes and preferences.

Specialty Coffee Beverages
These specialized drinks allow you to try out seasonal favorites or classic combinations of flavors. The nitro coffee is probably the best in Asheville and is not to be missed!

Drip & Pour Over Coffees
If you want to dip your doughnut into a cup of coffee or pour the coffee over your doughnut, then you will find the perfect option on their beverage menu.

Vegan & Vegetarian Doughnuts
These doughnuts do not contain any eggs or animal products. They are ideal when you want to follow a strict vegan or vegetarian diet without giving up on your favorite sweet treats.

Yeast Doughnuts
These doughnuts are light and fluffy. You can choose from a variety of flavors and styles.

Cake Doughnuts
If you want something a little heavier and crispier, then cake doughnuts are a good choice for your breakfast. These doughnuts have a crunchy outer layer and a soft inner layer with a variety of sweet flavors.

As a doughnut shop, you can enjoy your meal in the restaurant or on the go. The shop has tables and chairs available during your visit and offers a variety of take-out options if you do not have time to sit down or want the doughnuts for a special event.

Insider Tips:
-Stop by early on Sunday mornings to avoid the crowds and enjoy a treat without a long wait.
-You can contact the doughnut shop if you want special doughnuts for an event or an activity. They are available to create unique, hand-made doughnuts or special flavors for a special event or activity.