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Liberty House Coffee and Café

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Liberty House Coffee and Cafe - Healthy Foods and Creative Coffees
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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5.0 / 5
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Liberty House Coffee and Cafe specializes in locally and regionally sourced foods that are healthy, and it serves up these offering alongside some amazing coffee drinks. The cafe has a relaxing atmosphere and plenty of outdoor seating that make it well-suited for a healthy meal with friends or intimate conversation with a special someone. Everything is made using fresh, premium ingredients from nearby supplies -- including the garden out back.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Liberty House Coffee and Cafe has sourced coffees from two of the most respected roasters in the region and paired them with wholesome, fresh foods from local and regional partners. A former neighborhood home, the cafe has a relaxed atmosphere that makes it well-suited for a light meal or low-key conversation.

The coffees at Liberty House Coffee and Cafe come from Summit Coffee Co. and IDNE Beans. The former roaster provides the mainstays that are brewed every day, while the latter offers a varying selection of seasonal coffees that are used for specialty beverages. Both of these roasters focus on responsibly sourcing their coffees, and each is a well-known name in the region.

These coffees are used to make both common cafe beverages and more creative ones that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. For example, there are espressos, americanos, lattes, and drip coffees. You can also get a Cubanito or Vietnamese-style coffee, though. Any syrup used in one of these beverages is house-made, too.

For food, there’s an equally delectable array that includes selections from many nearby suppliers who use premium ingredients. The closest supplier is the backyard garden that Liberty House Coffee and Cafe keeps. Others include local partners that provide produce, bread, and other ingredients, and the cafe reaches out to regional partners when necessary. Many of the actual selections are breakfast and lunch dishes that feature fresh produce, eggs, oats, and similarly healthy items.

The atmosphere here is truly that of a neighborhood cafe because Liberty House Coffee and Cafe is literally in a converted house in a residential setting. There’s a quaint inside and a large outside yard with seating, and you can enjoy a quiet beverage or meal away from city traffic.

A few of our menu favorites at Liberty House Coffee and Cafe include:

The Cubanito whips espresso and raw sugar together to create a strong, sweet elixir and then combines that with steamed milk and pink Himalayan salt. The result is a combination that’s long been a favorite in its homeland.

Vietnamese Style
Cold brew has a large body and smooth profile that make it perfectly suited for adding milk. The Vietnamese Style manages to make this combination even better by using sweetened condensed milk rather than standard milk or cream.

Stuffed French Toast
Thick brioche from Underground Bakery stuffed with house plum jam and a whipped creme fraiche. Add syrup, and it’s nearly divine.

Infuse a classic American egg breakfast with a little African spice. The Shakshuka poaches a pair of eggs in North African pepper stew and spices and serves them alongside a slice of local sourdough.

Beet and Blood Salad
Although the name sounds like a back alley fight, this is a light and healthy salad that involves no form of meat. Instead, the Beet and Blood Salad combines roasted beets and blood oranges and tosses them alongside organic lettuce, goat cheese, shaved fennel, mint, pine nuts, and a sumac vinaigrette. If you would like some meat, chicken from a nearby farm can be added.

Insider Tip:
While there is plenty of outdoor seating, indoor seating is somewhat limited. Plan on coming here during fair weather, or aim for non-peak hours.