All Day Darling

All Day Darling - Family-Friendly Dining All Day Long
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

All Day Darling is a family-friendly eatery that’s good for any meal (or snack). With a focus on premium, regionally sourced ingredients, everything here is good and there’s lots of variety to choose from.

- The Local Expert Team

All Day Darling serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in a family-friendly environment. Many menu items feature fresh, regionally sourced and premium ingredients, and there are lots of different items to try.

Breakfast at All Day Darling is a lot like what you’d expect at any high-end cafe. Brewed coffee and espresso-based drinks are paired with an array of fresh baked goods. There’s also combinations of eggs, toast and meats for those who’d like something more filling. Importantly, the employees know how to be baristas, and they’ll make latte art that rivals the finest mug-framed works of other cafes.

Moving onto lunch showcases the eatery’s commitment to fresh ingredients, as there are a good number of salads and sandwiches that use fresh produce. The sandwiches are sizeable and the salads are crunchy, and everything is presented so well that it’s almost too beautiful to eat. To not it eat, though, would be a sin with the meals tasting this good.

Dinner selections aren’t as plentiful as the breakfast and lunch menu options, but there are still a few entrees to choose from and they’re made with the same attention to detail. Where this section of the menu really diverges is in the drinks section, which has a number of creative cocktails, craft beers and draft wines. These adult beverages are available earlier in the day, but most people wait until later in the day to get them.

All of this is served in a recently remodeled space that’s bright, cheerful and welcoming to everyone. The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for families with children, but adults looking for casual dining also love the space.

For a meal or a snack, All Day Darling is worth a visit any time of the day. You’ll find something that suits your taste no matter what you’re in the mood for, and it’s bound to be good because everything here is.

A few of our menu favorites at All Day Darling include:

The espresso here is from Counter Culture, one of the most respected names in coffee. Putting it over vanilla ice cream in the Affogato only makes the espresso even better.

Combine citrus, soda water and espresso? Yes, and the resulting Sproda is surprisingly good on a hot afternoon.

Baked Good
The baked goods change daily, but they’re always freshly made and delectable. Pick whichever one looks good to you, and you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you might even go back to the counter and get a second one for a “friend.”

Fried Chicken Biscuit
An all-Southern creation, the Fried Chicken Biscuit comes with honey, pickles and a house-made hot sauce. Eat it here, or take the handheld breakfast to go.

A salad inspired by locally available ingredients, the Montford combines regional lettuces, veggies and sprouts with non-local avocado. The whole combination is topped with a champagne vinaigrette for a truly elegant finish.

Insider Tip:
The cash register defaults to a 20-percent tip, but some patrons would prefer to pay a different tip because this is a counter-service cafe where you bus your own tables. If you’re like to leave a different tip, change the default amount to whatever you want to give before completing the payment.