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Bean Werks Coffee & Tea

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Bean Werks - Many Freshly Roasted Coffee Varieties
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Bean Werks has been roasting coffee in Asheville since 1996 and is one of the most established roasters in the region today. From common blends to rare microlots, the coffee shop and roastery has lots of varieties to choose from. There are also lots of syrups that offer further customization.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Bean Werks began roasting coffee in Asheville in 1996 and has grown to be one of the most established roasters in the Western Carolinas. You’ll find their coffees at their own coffee shop, as well as at cafes, restaurants and stores throughout the region. At their cafe, there are plenty of coffees to choose from and many flavoring options for complete drink customization.

The coffee selections at Bean Werks range from the common (e.g. Colombian Supremo and Guatemala Antigua) to the exotic and rare (e.g. Hawaiian Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain and Brazil Peaberry). You never know exactly what will be in stock since coffee selections are seasonal and many have limited availability, but there’s always a selection from around the world that suits many different taste preferences.

Moreover, whatever coffees are in stock are guaranteed to be good. They’re all high-quality selections to start with (although some are especially notable microlots), and everything has been freshly roasted. No matter which one you decide to try, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the bean’s notes.

In addition to drinking these coffees as regular coffee or espresso, there are also lattes, cappuccinos and the like. The full array of syrups makes it easy to customize any beverage, and most can be ordered as hot or cold.

With regards to social and environmental concerns, Bean Werks is committed to sourcing coffees in a responsible manner. Many of the selections are direct trade, Fair Trade Certified, naturally grown, Rain Forest Alliance Certified, Certified Organic or bird-friendly, and lots come with several of these credentials.

You won’t find substantial food options on the menu. For a good coffee drink, though, Bean Werks has you covered no matter what your favorite is.

A few of our menu favorites at Bean Werks include:

Barista’s Recommendation
With so many coffees to choose from, selecting a specific one can be difficult. Ask the barista for a recommendation and trust what they say. They know the coffees well, and they’ll be able to steer you toward a good choice based on our personal taste preferences.

Microlots come from either a single coffee farm or, more often, a specific section on a farm. They feature unique characteristics, and they’re usually singled out for their premium quality. Availability will vary, but any of these will be a treat and showcase the coffee’s particular origin characteristics.

Rare Origin
Coffee from Hawaii or Jamaica is never going to be cheap, but these coffees are exquisite and extremely hard to come by. When you have the chance to try one, it may be worth spending a premium to see just how good these are. Bean Werks often has a Jamaican Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona and Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy available, and all of these are 100-percent pure.

Cold Brew
Smooth and bold, cold brew appeals to many palettes. Add some milk or cream, and enjoy.

For a little something to fill the tummy, get a few beignets before they sell out. Scrumptious and sweet, they’re a great complement to any cup of coffee.

Insider Tips:
– Don’t come here too hungry. While there may be a few snack foods, the menu is lacking in substantial food options. Bean Werks focuses on coffee, and that’s what you’ll find here.
– Also, don’t duck in here to use the restroom. You’re welcome to use one down the street at bakery if you’re a patron of Bean Werks, but there’s no facilities in the space itself.