Plant - An Elegant Vegan Restaurant with Innovative Flavors
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Plant is a vegan restaurant with plenty of heart. The chefs were inspired to make meals that challenge the senses and improve well-being from the inside out. On the menu, you'll find innovative takes on everything from lasagna to mole to chips and queso. 

- The Local Expert Team

Plant is a vegan restaurant in Asheville that’s driven by a love of vegetables, fruits, and active foods. The chef-driven concept is just 13 tables, 47 seats, and a dog-friendly patio area, and it’s owned by people who were inspired to make the best possible restaurant in the world. You can see those lofty ideals reflected in the quality of the service and the meals.

The History

Plant was opened in 2011 by Jason Sellers, Alan Berger, and Leslie Armstrong. Since its opening, it’s received numerous honors, including the greenest restaurant, best service, most romantic, and best vegetarian restaurant in Asheville. PETA and Zagat alike have praised Plant for elevating vegan food and for making it a premier dining destination in the city. Jason Sellers credits the restaurant, in part, to a transformation that he’s experienced over the course of his life. Through pressure and hard work, he’s managed to find partners who support and share his dream.

The Experience

Plant is meant to be a truly transformative experience. The chefs believe that meals should be as sensual as they are cerebral and that eating in their space should be marked by some sort of change in the diner’s life. (If you want to get a sense of what’s going on behind the scenes, you might want to know that the pastry chef here is known to whisper to her yeast.) The team is as diverse as they are dedicated to the larger cause at Plant.

Every ingredient is vegan and at least 90% of the menu is organic. The team sources local ingredients whenever possible, and most of the dishes are gluten-free. The team doesn’t use peanut, soy, or corn oil. Instead, they stick with extra-virgin olive oil, coconut, toasted sesame, and sunflower.

When you’re at Plant, we highly recommend the following:

Total Ramen
Harissa-grilled tofu, vegetables, rice noodles, and smoked tamari broth are rounded out with cucumber, cabbage, shiitake, and chili craqu’ins. The flavors in this dish are brought to life through the grilling techniques, and then given extra dimension in the smoke of the broth.

Lasagna Cruda
If you’ve never had raw lasagna before, now might be a good time to give it a shot. With a base of heirloom tomato, the live herbed almond cheese, marinated pepper, arugula-pecan pesto, and micro-greens were all carefully chosen to complement one another. Beets, arugula, and oregano-infused olive oil complete every composed bite.

Masala Uttapam
Chickpeas are a versatile food beloved by a variety of cultures. In this chana masala dish, they’re given new life with the help of cucumber, onion, avocado, and sour cream. If you love this classic Indian dish as-is, you’ll likely appreciate it on a very different level if you try it at Plant.

Applewood Smoked Mushroom Mole
Mushrooms are one of the best substitutes for meat we have. Hardy and delicious, this classic Mexican favorite is served with green chile-blue corn tamales, queso fresco, sour cream, and bill’ion sauce. Every component of this meal is designed to satisfy your senses. From the smell of the sweet sauce to the tang of the chimichurri vinaigrette, it’s a delight to eat.

Since Plant opened, it’s become a staple in Asheville. People from all walks of life come to discover what vegan food can be. Whether you’re curious or you’ve made a lifelong commitment to avoiding animal proteins, this restaurant can leave you with a new perception of the movement.

Insider Tips:
-The dining room is very small, so reservations are highly recommended.
-Reservations can only be made in person or over the phone.
-Plant occasionally features a chef’s tasting menu, which often includes limited-availability ingredients and dishes still in development.
-If you have special dietary needs, call ahead as the staff may be able to accommodate them.
-The staff does allow non-vegan food in the restaurant if it’s for a child or to meet special dietary needs. Animal-fur clothing is not tolerated.