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Asheville Chocolate

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Asheville Chocolate: Mouthwatering Truffles, Gelato, and Hot Beverages in Downtown Asheville
Written by: David Angotti
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Show your sweet tooth a little sophistication at Ashevile Chocolate, where you'll find not only handcrafted truffles, but also gelato, sorbetto, and mocha beverages.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

On the hunt for a trendy confectionary in downtown Asheville? Stop in at Asheville Chocolate for a leisurely visit. Open late during the weekend, it’s the perfect place to drop in for dessert after eating your fill at one of Broadway Street’s many restaurants.

Although best known for its wide range of truffles, Asheville Chocolate also serves a variety of other treats. The shop offers several types of gelato and sorbetto, including many house-made recipes. All gelatos and sorbettos feature fresh ingredients — locally sourced when possible.

Asheville Chocolates is unique among local confectioners in that it caters to those with dietary restrictions. For example, the store serves a variety of delectable vegan truffles, which are just as appetizing as conventional chocolate treats. The maple almond and dark peanut butter truffles are especially satisfying for vegan visitors.

While many of Asheville Chocolates’ treats are best enjoyed fresh, several are intended to take home as gifts or for later personal consumption. Don’t pass up this opportunity; if you leave without at least a few truffles or a pint of gelato, you’ll feel mighty disappointed later.

Everybody loves sweet treats, but the service at Ashevile Chocolates is arguably even sweeter than the confectioneries. Regulars and new visitors alike comment on the friendly and knowledgeable staff members, who clearly delight in making visitors smile. Not sure which truffles to order? Don’t hesitate to ask the staff member on duty; you’ll receive excellent suggestions from somebody who knows chocolate inside and out.

A few of our favorite menu items include:

Lemon Sorbetto
A classic flavor bound to refresh on a toasty summer afternoon, Asheville Chocolate’s lemon sorbetto is just one of several excellent options. All are made in-house with delightfully fresh ingredients.

S’mores Gelato
Asheville Chocolate offers several classic gelato flavors. Sometimes, however, it pays to be adventurous. Step out of your comfort zone and mix the best of camping cuisine (s’mores) with a smooth and sophisticated gelato. While it’s tempting to dig in immediately when served, this gelato is most satisfying when slightly soft — let it sit for a moment or two, if need be.

Lime Truffle
If you adore key lime pie but aren’t willing to eat an entire slice, substitute your usual pie with a decadent truffle instead. This truffle is crafted from white chocolate with lime zest. Its flavor is intense; you’ll find one small truffle plenty satisfying.

Passion Fruit Champagne Truffle
Live the high life with a unique truffle featuring a layer of passion fruit puree. This is topped with champagne ganache to create an intricate, yet appealing blend of flavors.

Hot Chocolate
Don’t limit your chocolate indulgence to truffles. Asheville Chocolate also serves several beverages, including delectable hot cocoa. The shop’s unique recipe features house-made ganache. This makes it extra creamy. In addition to traditional, raspberry, white, and Mexican varieties of hot chocolate, the shop regularly offers seasonal flavors, such as peppermint in December.

After you order your beverage or gelato, feel free to relax in Asheville Chocolates’ seating space. Although small, this area is undeniably cozy. You’ll enjoy observing the hustle and bustle of downtown from the window as you sample the city’s most satisfying treats.

Insider Tips:
-The gelato at Asheville Chocolate is surprisingly dense. It’s also quite rich, especially if you order a chocolatey flavor. The smallest serving should prove sufficient for most visitors. The frozen treat looks so tasty that you’ll feel compelled to order a medium. Resist the urge and save your appetite for a truffle if possible.
-Hours vary considerably from one day to the next. During the weekend, the store is open late, making it the perfect stop during date night. On Sunday and Monday it’s only open during the afternoon and early evening, and on Tuesday, it’s not open at all. Plan accordingly.