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Asheville Distilling Company: Sample Asheville's Best Whiskey At This Impressive Distillery - TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Written by: David Angotti
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Stop by the Asheville Distilling Company for a free distillery tour and to sample the wonderful spirits made possible by Asheville mastermind Troy Ball. You'll come away with a bottle or two of excellent whiskey — and a greater appreciation for the passion that goes into developing your favorite drinks.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Brewery tours are a big part of life in Asheville, but the fun doesn’t stop with craft beer. At the Asheville Distilling Company, you can see for yourself how some of the area’s finest spirits are produced.

Troy Ball — the genius behind the Asheville Distilling Company — never expected to hit it big in the whiskey business. In fact, when she relocated from Texas to the Asheville area, she knew very little about moonshine. Her new neighbors got her acquainted, but initially, she wasn’t a big fan — she didn’t particularly enjoy the acrid taste.

Ball quickly learned that the ‘good stuff’ was not only tolerable, but enticing. This discovery shifted her mindset. She decided that all Asheville residents should enjoy access to quality spirits. Her quest to achieve this ambitious goal ultimately resulted in her first batch of Troy & Sons Moonshine.

Today, several notable labels are run under the overarching banner of the Asheville Distilling Company. These include Troy & Sons Platinum, Oak Reserve, and Blonde Whiskey. With all three, Ball aims for an exceptional taste and a soul that is authentic to Asheville. Her efforts — and successes — are on clear display at the Asheville Distilling Company’s facility.

The distillery’s tours take place every Friday and Saturday evening at 5 pm. Private tours may be available upon request. Tours are completely free of charge, as are the tasting sessions that follow. Guides offer intriguing insight into the history of the distillery and how the company’s finest whiskeys are produced,

Tasting sessions at the Asheville Distilling Company are optional, but only available if you’ve taken the full tour. The same is true of bottle purchases; don’t arrive expecting to sample and stock up without taking the official tour. Of course, with so much to learn, you wouldn’t want to skip the tour anyway — it’s an essential part of the distillery experience. The tour is intended to last about half an hour, but can sometimes run longer.

A few of our favorite products include the following:

Troy & Sons Cinnamon and Honey Whiskey
A perennial favorite, this unique product blends Troy & Sons Platinum Whiskey with mountain honey and Madagascar Cinnamon. This concoction has changed the mind of many a self-avowed whiskey skeptic.

Troy & Sons Nectarine and Honey Whiskey
Who knew that whiskey could be so delicate? Like the Troy & Sons Cinnamon and Honey Whiskey, this nectarine-flavored spirit appeals to those who assume they don’t like whiskey. Purchase a bottle at the distillery to take home for use in fancy cocktails or alongside your favorite dessert.

Troy & Sons Oak Reserve
This delightful whiskey is full of Asheville character. It’s made from heirloom white corn from a local family-owned farm and Appalachian spring water — and mellowed in bourbon barrels for three years. You’ll appreciate not only the flavor, but also the golden hue, which remains consistent from bottle to pour.

Take your time as you sample the Asheville Distilling Company’s best products. Whether you adore whiskey or need a little convincing, you’ll come away appreciating Troy Ball’s passion — and how her commitment to local flair has brought about a superior product.

Insider Tips:
-The Asheville Distilling Company is a family-friendly location. Feel free to take your kids or under-21 companions with you on the distillery tour. Of course, you can only sample or purchase products if you are 21 or older.
-Although you can buy products right at the distillery following your tour, strict limits are maintained for on-site purchases. The distillery does not allow customers to purchase more than five bottles per year. Additionally, bottles can only be purchased if you take the tour.