Top 10 Places for Late Night Eats in Asheville

Feeling peckish late at night in Asheville? You don’t have to go back to your hotel or a bar. Instead, try some of the following late-night eats in Asheville to fill you up after other places close for the evening.

1. Storm Rhum Bar

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People who work until after many other places close and those with late-night hunger frequently visit this Storm Rhum Bar for its wide variety of beers, rums, and wines and a quality late-night menu. Popular menu items previous late-night diners have enjoyed include fries, macaroni and cheese, chicken wraps, burgers, fried okra, pimento cheese, and hot dogs. The variety of menu options changes depending on the availability and seasonality of ingredients from local farmers. For late dining, the menu has a limited selection, but Chef Jay Medford puts extra care and thought into every dish served, making it easy for diners to find a delicious late-night meal.

2. Claddagh Restaurant & Pub

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At Claddagh Restaurant and Pub, the kitchen continues to serve Irish and pub classic dishes until midnight. And, the pub continues drinks serving after that. For late-night food, this is a top spot in Asheville for hearty food and great drinks. When you visit, try loaded potato skins for a snack or sample the bangers and mash, Reuban sandwich, or fish and chips if you prefer a whole meal. Depending on what time and day you go to Claddagh, you may also catch some live music playing during your visit.

3. Sovereign Remedies

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Specializing in using local ingredients, Sovereign Remedies serves tasty, creative late-night dishes. Menus change seasonally to take advantage of the best local products available. Therefore, your menu options may differ from those of previous diners. One outstanding dish former diners have savored at Sovereign Remedies is the Crispy Pig Ears, which marry the flavors of salt and vinegar chips with meat. Another stellar meal lauded by guests is the Lamb Enchiladas, made with savory chocolate tortillas, queso fresco, secret sauce, and chayote squash slaw. The menu even includes vegan options, such as vegan apple crumble. You won’t leave disappointed after trying the variety and creativity of the food at Sovereign Remedies.

4. The Golden Pineapple

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Don’t let the unassuming exterior of The Golden Pineapple keep you away. The food and drinks inside this late-night haunt more than makeup for any shortcomings of the outside of the building. Located in West Asheville, this neighborhood pub’s bartenders are also the owners and operators, ensuring exceptional service, food, and drinks with every visit. For a late-night meal, consider some recommendations from previous diners, such as Bodega Sandwich. This hearty meal includes ciabatta bread with spicy mayonnaise, two types of cheeses, a blistered pork roll, and caramelized onions. And don’t miss an order of the chicken wings, said by some to be the best in town. Check out The Golden Pineapple on social media to see when they will have nightly specials, including cheeseburger deals on Mondays and discounted Detroit-style pizza on Sundays.

5. Universal Joint

Simple, flavorful late-night dishes and drinks that continue pouring even after the kitchen closes bring people to Universal Joint. This is a bar with rotating craft beer and pub grub options. The price point is reasonable, you can enjoy menu favorites like cheese curds and nachos, and it has a lively late-night atmosphere.

6. The Odditorium

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Affectionately known as The Odd, Asheville’s The Odditorium is a neighborhood dive bar with late-night eats, unique live entertainment, and a mini-museum of oddities. Past events have included drag shows, goth dance parties, punk bands, burlesque shows, and bad movie nights. The food is just as eclectic and fun as the events with menu options changing throughout the year. Try the tasty Onion Rings or enjoy a Bahn Mi sandwich with tempeh for a vegan meal. Definitely take some time to wander around the bar to explore the many strange and freaky oddities on the shelves and walls.

7. Bens Tune Up

Touting itself as an urban beer garden, Bens Tune Up also offers an onsite sake brewery and full-service restaurant. If you like sake, Bens Tune Up is the only brewery for it in Asheville with sake on tap. The menu takes inspiration from Asian cuisine with dishes on the menu such as Fried Tofu, Sesame Noodle Salad, Pad Thai, Eggrolls, Ramen with Tofu, and Turkey BBQ Bahn Mi. Visitors report enjoying the flavorful foods. After eating, you can dance the night away with the DJ during the weekends.

8. Pie.Zaa

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As the name suggests, Pie.Zaa is a great place for a late-night pizza. Owned by northern transplants to Asheville, Pie.Zaa brings New York-style pizza to North Carolina. Since a full pizza has a massive 28-inch diameter, most people order their pizzas by the slice. Try a slice of Pepperoni Pizza covered with pieces of zippy pepperoni. A single slice can feed one very hungry person or two people who want light meals. Pie.Zaa has limited options for seating inside because the restaurant optimizes in-and-out service. Plan to enjoy your pie to-go or at one of the tables outside.

9. The Vault

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The Vault also goes by the name Rankin Vault for its location on Rankin Avenue in the former Imperial Life Insurance building. The vault of the old insurance company serves as The Vault’s private dining space, giving the bar its name. Primarily a bar and cocktail lounge, you order food and drinks from the bar. Visitors report the food living up to the hype of this popular restaurant. Favorite late-night menu items include Bahn Mi Slider, Nachos, Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, and the award-winning The Vault Burger. Visit The Vault if you feel hungry late at night while in downtown Asheville.

10. Desoto Lounge

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Check out Desoto Lounge in West  Asheville when you have late-night food cravings. This laid-back lounge serves tasty eats and regular deals. For instance, check out Taco Thursdays when you can get $2 tacos. You can choose from appetizers or full meals, along with a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. A comfort food recommended by visitors is the Meatloaf Sandwich with a thick slice of tomato-glazed meatloaf and cheese. You also can add bacon and pimento cheese to your sandwich. Another favorite on the menu is the Southern Grilled Cheese Sandwich with pimento cheese. Make sure to check out the various games that include pinball machines, a foosball table, and a crane machine while enjoying your late-night noshes at Desoto Lounge.

Asheville has several late-night dining options. Take the time to explore some of the above sites to discover great drinks and food after other businesses close. Interested in the best restaurants overall? Check out the top restaurants in Asheville here!