7 Mouthwatering Bakeries in Asheville, North Carolina

Whenever you want freshly baked bread, desserts, and more, Asheville, North Carolina, is definitely a great place to go. There is a wide variety of bakeries in Asheville putting in the work to bring you decadent handmade goodness all day long. Although you’ll undoubtedly want to eventually try them all, you can get started on that tasty journey at any of these top seven local bakeries.

7 Mouthwatering Bakeries in Asheville, North Carolina

Old Europe Pastries

18 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 255-5999

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A Downtown Asheville favorite, Old Europe Pastries pairs freshly brewed coffee with delicious handmade pastries. Their shop’s homey aesthetic matches the quality of their fresh-baked goodies, making it well worth stopping by whenever you’re in the area.

With a visit to their shop, you can kick the day off on the right foot by treating yourself to their breakfast pastries like Cheese Danishes, Quiche, and Chocolate Croissants. Or grab desserts for later in the day, like cookies, macarons, or cake slices.

They can even create custom cakes made in your preferred design and flavor if you give them enough advanced notice. Their cakes range from coconut cream cakes to Bavarian cheesecake, allowing you to go big on the flavor for all your special occasions.

OWL Bakery

295 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

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At Owl Bakery, every day starts with creating naturally leavened loaves of bread that look just as wonderful as they taste. Handcrafted strudels, croissants, danishes, and pastries galore follow, including their ever-popular Cardamom Buns. Seasonal quiche rounds out their offerings beautifully, with the inclusions constantly changing as in-season produce hits the peak of freshness.

Their team doesn’t stop there, either. They can whip up all the coffee and herbal tea you’d like to sip on while enjoying their fresh-baked bread and more. If you don’t have a signature drink, go for their specialty flavors, like The Beekeeper. This drink features Assam black tea hit with a hint of rose and a generous drizzle of Appalachian honey.

If you want to kick your visit up a notch, stick around for a mimosa or a glass of wine. You can order all the best varieties by the glass, including Castro Ventosa Mencia and Schlossmuhlenhof “Pinke Pinke” if you wish.

Geraldine’s Bakery

840 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804
(828) 252-9330

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Whether you need a dozen donuts for work or a wedding cake for your big day, Geraldine’s Bakery will always exceed your expectations. Their crew begins each day bright and early, so they can bake all their goodies in-house on a daily basis. They work double time, too, so they can supply local restaurants with bread and pastries while still having enough to fill their bakery cases to the brim.

When you walk through the doors, you’ll find all the best bread around, including English muffins, bagels, buns, sandwich loaves, and croissants. They even have challah available on Fridays. Although you could use all that bread to make your own savory treats, they have a ton of pre-made snacks on hand already, including their beloved Ham and Swiss-filled croissants.

As far as sweet treats go, the sky is the limit to what you can get. Shortbread cookies. Chocolate eclairs. Pies. Cupcakes. You name it, and they’ve got it. For something truly iconic, you’ll want to get the Famous Fritzser, a deep-fried Danish donut that’s the perfect level of sweetness.

Vortex Doughnuts

32 Banks Ave #106, Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 552-3010

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When you just want donuts, donuts, and more donuts, skip on over to Vortex Doughnuts for a whirlwind of flavor. At this popular shop, they keep fresh yeast and cake donuts coming out of the fryer as fast as their patrons can scoop them up. Freshly brewed coffee is on tap all day, serving as the perfect accompaniment to their tasty donuts.

Every last donut variety is handmade using the freshest ingredients and time-honored recipes. Whenever you come in, you can fill up a box with their classic Old Fashioned cake donuts, Glazed/Vortex yeast donuts, or any other varieties that suit your fancy. They also have decadent Apple Fritters available until they sell out—and they do go rather quickly.

On Friday through Sunday, they go even bigger with their filled donuts made in a wide range of delightful flavors. They even have gluten-sensitive donuts available for those who really should skip the wheat.

Filo Pastries & Post 70 Indulgence Bar

1155 Tunnel Rd, Asheville, NC 28805
(828) 298-9777

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When you want truly unique baked goods, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Filo Pastries & Post 70 Indulgence Bar. From early morning through the afternoon, you’re welcome to swing by Filo Pastries for fresh baked goods of all kinds, including their super popular Sticky Bun of the Day. They have lunch fare, too, such as Personal Pizzas and Chicken Salad. Add a coffee, tea, or a glass of wine or beer to elevate your selections even more.

On the weeknights and late on Saturday, Post 70 Indulgence Bar is where it’s at. At that time, the crew shifts to creating tapas to remember, like their Fried Brussel Sprouts, Shrimp Ceviche, and Braised Short Ribs. No matter what else you decide to get, pair it with their Crab Mac & Cheese for an out-of-this-world flavor experience.

Hole Doughnuts

168 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806
(828) 774-5667

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Hole Doughnuts puts its heart and soul into serving handcrafted donuts made right when you order them. Every last donut lands in your hands piping hot and ready to devour bit by bit. Better yet, you can watch the magic happen from the very second you order by parking yourself near their open kitchen.

As you watch in awe, the crew painstakingly rolls out all their yeasted donuts to create whatever flavors you fancy. Then, they put them in the fryer to puff up and get golden brown. After that, they fill ‘em, dip ‘em, and put on the final touches before delivering them to your open arms.

Since they’re made fresh, the donuts you want most are always available, including Vanilla Glazed, Toasted Almond Sesame Cinnamon, and Cinnamon Sugar. They roll out a new seasonal flavor every week, just in case you want to mix it up a bit.

Sunshine Sammies

99 S Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 505-2852

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Photo Credit by @sunshinesammies on Instagram

Handcrafted ice cream sandwiches are the name of the game at Sunshine Sammies. Their team pairs freshly baked cookies with all the best ice cream flavors to create unforgettable treats every time. Even more impressive, they make all their ice cream in-house and regularly come up with all-new flavors on a whim.

So, you never truly know what you’re going to find when you stop by their storefront in Downtown Asheville. No matter what flavors are available during your visit, you can trust that they will fully satisfy your sweet tooth, yet leave you wanting to come back for more.

As you visit these bakeries in Asheville on this list, you’re bound to walk away with a few newfound favorites. You can then work on trying each of their items to see what speaks to you the most. For the ultimate experience, bring your friends and family into the fun by sharing all the best treats available at each shop.