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Hole Doughnuts

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Hole Doughnuts - Donuts Made Fresh When You Order
Written by: Vicky Reddish
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Hole Doughnuts takes freshness seriously, frying each donut moments after you order it so that it comes out warm and delicious. The crispy exterior and fluffy interior is a favorite among locals, and the shop is receiving an increasing amount of national attention.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Hole Doughnuts makes the freshest donuts you’ll find anywhere, and they’re some of the most delicious too. Don’t be fooled by the simple menu, for the commitment to freshness, quality ingredients and living-wage pay has garnered this little donut shop both local and national attention.

The menu at Hole Doughnuts is surprisingly simple, featuring only three standard donut choices and one seasonal flavor that changes weekly. You can get these individually, by the half-dozen or by the full dozen, and each of the latter selections includes one bonus donut. Every one of these donuts is hand-rolled and fried after you order it, which produces a donut unlike you’ve have just about anywhere else.

For beverages, there are only barely more choices than donut options. Coffee, nitro cold brew and three kinds of tea are the hot selections, or there’s milk (plain or chocolate) and orange juice if you’d prefer something cold. Hot cocoa is also offered when the weather’s appropriate.

A glance down the beverage menu shows Hole Doughnut’s commitment to local, wholesome ingredients. Both the orange juice and milk are organic, and the milk comes from grass-fed cows. The coffees and teas all come from nearby companies. The doughnuts are made with like-quality ingredients, including stone-ground flour from a close by source, cage-free eggs, whole butter, and non-GMO rice bran oil.

The prices here aren’t the cheapest, with donuts ranging from $2.00 to $2.75 when purchased individually. These prices are reflective of the quality, and the donuts and drinks are well worth a small premium.

A few of our menu favorites at Hole Doughnuts include:

Vanilla Glazed Doughnut
A traditional selection, the Vanilla Glazed Doughnut shows off the importance of freshness. Bite into it moments after it comes out of the fryer, and experience the crispy outside and fluffy inside that makes all these donuts so delicious.

Seasonal Doughnut
Taste the flavors of the season with the Seasonal Doughnut. Past weeks’ selections have included Wineberries, Juneberries and Honeysuckle. There was also a Lemon, Verbena, Tuli and Rose amalgamation.

Half-Dozen Doughnuts
Why get just one? Go with a Half-Dozen Doughnuts, and you’ll actually get seven to share (or enjoy yourself).

Coffee from PennyCup Coffee Co.
Even something as simple as a cup of coffee is made special here. The coffee comes from nearby PennyCup Coffee Co., and it’s always recently roasted and freshly brewed. What better compliment to a donut could there be?

Farm to Home Chocolate Milk
Be a kid again and enjoy a classic cup of Farm to Home Chocolate Milk. The milk is whole, organic, non-homogenized and from grass-fed cows, and chocolate only makes it better. If it’s cold outside, opt for the Hot Cocoa version.

Insider Tips:
– If ordering more than seven donuts, ask the person serving you to ring them up as half-dozen orders. The half-dozen is actually a better deal than the dozen, as it includes 7 donuts for $15 and the dozen comes with 13 donuts for $30.00. You’ll get one additional donut for every pair of half-dozen orders.
– Be aware if someone in your party is diabetic. Donuts are the only food option here, so you might want to go somewhere else or have them bring a special snack. Hole Doughnuts doesn’t have any low- or no-sugar alternatives.