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Filo Pastries and Post 70 Indulgence Bar

Filo Pastries and Post 70 Indulgence Bar - All of Your European Cafe Favorites
Written by: Jasmin Diaz
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Filo Pastries and Post 70 Indulgence Bar offers Asheville the quintessential European café experience. Coffee and tea, fresh-baked bread, and handmade chocolate galore are all on tap for you to enjoy. Classic Greek dishes round out their offerings, taking you on a culinary journey to remember at every visit.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

At Filo Pastries and Post 70 Indulgence Bar, you’re invited to enjoy the ultimate European café experience. And since they’re a top-notch bakery, full-service restaurant, and evening cocktail bar all in one, you’re free to craft your own culinary journey.

Would you like to sip on hot coffee while noshing on handmade chocolates? They can make that happen. Prefer to sample their finest Greek meals alongside handcrafted cocktails? Their crew is happy to help you do that, too. You’re even welcome to stop by and simply grab a loaf of their bread of the day—or a cocktail or two.

No matter what you’re after, their eatery’s charming and cozy ambiance sets the stage for an amazing visit. The dining room centers around a stunning polished hardwood bar, complete with a live edge that shows off the natural beauty of the wood. Behind that, you’ll see a full wall of spirits reaching up to the ceiling. Their crew uses them all, too, reaching all the way up using a classic sliding ladder.

Across the rest of the dining room are quaint café tables set alongside plush chairs and loveseats. If you prefer to get a little fresh air while you dine, they also have two patio areas with comfy seating. The lush greenery adds to the tranquility of the outdoor space, although it’s best enjoyed when all the flowers are in full bloom.

To get the full experience, kick off your visit with a beverage of your choice. Their menu has nearly a dozen of the top black and green tea varieties, plus caffeine-free options galore. As for their coffee, their drinks include café au-lait, iced frappe, and everything in between. For a truly magical coffee experience, treat yourself to their flavored filo latte in white chocolate, peppermint, or toasted almond mocha.

When it’s time for adult beverages, they’re happy to oblige by bringing you whatever red wine, white wine, or beer you’d like. They can also whip up the cocktails you crave, including their delightful Prancers Paloma.

Fan favorites on Filo Pastries menu are:

Pecan Sticky Bun
When you want to sweeten up your day, you really cannot go wrong with a Pecan Sticky Bun. The bakery crew creates these buns on the daily using their cinnamon roll recipe. Then, they line the pan with butter, brown sugar, and pecan base before popping the cinnamon rolls on top. Once it all bakes up right, they turn the pan over to let the pecan-y goodness smother each roll.

Fig Panini
With its perfect balance of sweet and savory, the Fig Panini never fails to hit the spot. The chef creates this dish by slathering their fresh-baked house sourdough with fig jam and honey. Then, they add goat cheese, arugula, rosemary, and balsamic reduction before popping it in the press. As soon as it gets toasty hot, it’s delivered to your table with a side of house chips.

When nothing else will do but decadent meats seared to perfection, set your sights on the Lollipops. This dinner entrée begins with lamb lollipops encrusted in pepper and seared to a perfect rare. Mango chutney and fig jam help amp up the flavors even more, while a vegetable medley adds a pop of freshness to the mix.

If you have a special occasion coming up, order one of their custom cakes, for sure. They have a variety of birthday and wedding cakes available to order as-is or further customize to your liking. Their flavors include lemon chiffon, tiramisu, and chocolate mousse. All their cakes look so good you won’t want to cut into them and take a bite. But you definitely should go ahead and dig in because they’re also super moist and delicious.

Insider Tips:
-If you come by for dinner, do yourself a favor and ask for a few pastries to go. They will be a welcome sight when you get up the next morning craving more of what this restaurant has to offer.
-There are many vegetarian- and vegan-friendly options on the menu.