5 Best Tacos in Asheville, North Carolina

Ashville, North Carolina may be a long way from Texas and Mexico, but there’s plenty of good Tex-Mex throughout the city. Specifically, there are several places that serve up excellent tacos.

Here are five of the best tacos in Asheville:

Taco Billy’s Migas Taco

No list of best tacos is complete without an early-morning option, and Taco Billy’s Migas Taco is the best in the city. The breakfast taco is a big one, containing eggs, onions, jalapenos, Colby-jack cheese and fried tortillas for some crunch. Best of all, you can get it whenever you wake up even if you aren’t an early riser. All of Taco Billy’s breakfast tacos are served all day.

Zia Taqueria’s Pastor Taco

Pastor is a Mexican way of preparing pork that’s absolutely delectable, and the Pastor Taco at Zia Taqueria is about as good as you’ll find this side of the Mississippi. The meat is marinated with a medley of guajillo chiles, pasilla negro chiles, onion and garlic, and then it’s cooked with just a hint of pineapple. Once finally prepared, the pork is topped with an onion-cilantro relish and wrapped in a corn tortilla. You can substitute a flour tortilla if you like, and the final result is delicious either way.

White Duck Taco’s Duck with Mole Taco


When White Duck Taco is the name of the establishment, you might as well try the Duck with Mole Taco. While far from a traditional offering, this is a surprisingly scrumptious creation that mixes traditional Mexican mole seasoning with duck meat largely eaten by other cultures. The fat of the duck is akin to what you might find in some traditional cuts of pork or beef that are used for tacos, so it ends up being both a little different and a little similar at the same time.

AVL Tacos & Taps’ Bahn Mi Taco

For a vegetarian option, head to AVL Tacos & Taps and order the Bahn Mi Taco. A meat-free options, the protein is marinated tofu that’s well prepared and cooked. It gets topped with a pickled vegetable medley, fresh cucumber and vegan yum-yum sauce, and all of this comes inside a corn tortilla. Order just one, or get a pair and a drink at a discounted price.

Of course, AVL Tacos & Taps also has plenty of meat options for carnivore family members and friends. You can enjoy a vegetarian selection without subjecting anyone else to your dietary wishes.

Mojo Kitchen and Lounge’s Mojo Taco

Mojo Kitchen and Lounge started as a food truck at festivals, and they kept things simple back then. There were only a few menu items, of which tacos were one. While the eatery has grown a lot since those days, they still serve up basic tacos that are as delicious as the ones they originally made.

The Mojo Taco is basic but good. It comes with a protein and cheddar cheese inside a corn tortilla. For proteins, you can go with traditional meats (smoked chicken, chorizo, braised beef or pulled pork), vegetarian (sweet plantains or Hara tempeh) or a North Carolina classic — blackened catfish. They’re all good, so you might want to try a few. You can order tacos individually, or by the pair with chips and salsa.

Asheville is full of great food options, and you’ll have no shortage of places to try. If you’re a lover of tacos (or even if you think they’re merely alright), make sure you hit up at least a few of these establishments. There’s a reason why tacos are so popular, and these are the best ones you’ll find anywhere in the city.