Top 20 Art Galleries in Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC is an incredibly eclectic place that is well-known for its mountains and quirky downtown, and a big part of what makes the city’s downtown so special is the community’s emphasis on the arts. All types of arts. Whether you are fascinated by gorgeous wooden sculptures, fine art paintings, or something else, there is an Asheville art gallery sure to engage you. The following is a look at just twenty of the most popular art galleries you will find when you visit Asheville, NC:

The Top 20 Art Galleries in Asheville, NC

1. Lexington Glassworks

Lexington Glassworks boasts its own standalone building that’s part showroom, part-artist space, and part-hang-out zone. Go here to enjoy a local craft beer while you watch experts create gorgeous pieces you might then opt to take home with you.

2. Grovewood Gallery

Grovewood Gallery is a charming gallery that is located in the historic Grovewood Village.  Here, you can enjoy browsing an incredible 9,000 square feet of space full of fine American art and craft sourced from hundreds of celebrated artists. Don’t forget to head into their backyard to enjoy a sculpture garden beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains.

3. Asheville Gallery of Fine Art

Asheville Gallery of Fine Art is the city’s longest-established fine art gallery. This is a premier place to go when you want original fine art paintings from an authentic Asheville artist. They offer originals as well as prints.

4. Asheville Art Museum

This Asheville museum recently expanded its interior to feature 70% more gallery space. Plan a family trip here to learn more about regional pieces as well as to enjoy their classical-to-modern permanent exhibit.

5. Black Mountain College Museum

This free museum and gallery center on the history and legacy of Black Mountain College. Go here to enjoy exhibitions from the college’s own permanent collections well as revolving installations by students and contemporary artists.

6. Gallery of the Mountains

Gallery of the Mountains can be found in the Sammons Wing of Omni Grove Park Inn. This specialty gallery has been locally-owned and operated since 1984 and offers a curated selection of locally handcrafted items.

7. Mountain Nest Gallery

Mountain Nest Gallery sits within the historic downtown of Black Mountain, just outside of Asheville. This gallery is set up as more of a charming retail shop and includes a rich collection of Western North Carolina art and crafts, such as limited-edition art prints, silver pendants, charms, and turned bowls.

8. Momentum Gallery

This Asheville gallery focused on emerging and mid-career artists. Here, you will see pieces that are just on the cusp of the next big hits and museum-quality pieces.

9. 310 Art

310 Art is an Asheville fine art gallery that is proud to represent a diverse array of artists and art styles. This gallery is also a school, helping others to live out their artistic passions.

10. American Folk Art and Framing

The dog-friendly American Folk Art and Framing is a part-gallery and part-retail shop that offers creative framing solutions for artists of all styles.

11. Curve Studios and Garden

Curve Studios and Garden is another multi-faceted location, but this one is part gallery and part-working studio. Here, around a dozen artists are often at work creating more art to display and sell onsite.

12. Appalachian Craft Center

This cozy store and gallery showcase premier local crafts, including handmade quilts, woodwork, and pottery. Appalachian Craft Center is located in downtown Asheville and is a great place to gift shopping.

13. Ariel Gallery

Ariel Gallery is unique in that it is co-owned and operated by exhibiting artists. Go here if you are passionate about really supporting the people behind the art, and enjoy an outstanding showcase of original handmade ceramics, woodwork, jewelry, and more.

14. Blue Spiral 1

Located in the heart of downtown Asheville, Blue Spiral 1 boasts three floors of artistic pieces from a revolving list of the best artists representing the Southeast. This location also is part of the Will Henry Stevens estate, protecting and exhibiting a permanent collection of his oils and pastels.

15. New Morning Gallery

New Morning Gallery is housed within the historic Biltmore Village and offers a great collection of functional art and crafts. Go here to enjoy non-traditional artistic work, such as unique ceramics and furniture.

16. Woolworth Walk

Woolworth Walk is an Asheville gallery dedicated to presenting local art. The local art here includes fine art as well as jewelry pieces and even apparel. You can also enjoy some old-fashioned refreshments from the onsite Old Fashioned Soda Fountain.

17. Folk Art Center

The Folk Art Center is a multi-faceted museum and gallery that attracts an incredible quarter of a million visitors every year thanks to its exciting display of unique Appalachian-made crafts. Go here to see what today’s artists are creating as well as to browse through thousands of art and crafts that date back to the turn of the 20th century.

18. Riverview Station

Riverview Station is another Asheville-area gallery where the artists reign supreme. Grab a cup of coffee or tea at the onsite Cafe Yuzu before meandering the many working studios and galleries that over 60 artists and craftspeople call theirs.

19. Kress Emporium

Asheville’s Kress Emporium is a very spacious interior space that collectively showcases art and crafts from over 80 working artists — most of whom are from the local area or region.

20. Asheville Cotton Mill Studios

Asheville Cotton Mill Studios is a place as eclectic as the city. Here, you will find not just arts and crafts, but also musicians, makers, and other types of creatives coming together to build a thriving community of art and creation. Check their calendar for regular shows and events.

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