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Sevierville PetSafe Unleashed Dog Park

Sevierville PetSafe Unleashed Dog Park – A Wonderful Place for Pups to Romp and Play
Written by: Jasmin Diaz
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When you want somewhere for your dog to be a dog, set your sights on a visit to the Sevierville PetSafe Unleashed Dog Park. This fully fenced park offers plenty of room for your pup to frolic with other dogs and play to their heart’s content. There’s ample seating for you as well for whenever you want to take a load off while your dog romps about.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

If you’re looking for a safe, open area for your dog to run and play, you cannot go wrong with a visit to the Sevierville PetSafe Unleashed Dog Park. At this fully fenced park, you can let your pup run free with other dogs without worrying about them getting away. The park has lots of seating space, too, so you can rest up between adventures while your dog gets their wiggles out.

Sevierville warmly welcomes locals and visitors alike to use the dog park whenever they need somewhere for their canine companions to run free. The park stays open from 8 am to 8 pm in the winter and closes one hour later in the summer. You’ll find this popular doggy playground right along Park Road on the eastern side of Sevierville City Park. Just follow the road to the vast parking lot built with your convenience in mind.

Once you’re all unloaded, just walk up to the gate and waltz inside with your dog. Just be sure to secure the gate behind you to keep the other pups from running off. After that, you can unleash your dog and let them roam free, but be sure to stick around to observe them at all times. That’s the rule at this park, and it’s also just a good practice anyway to ensure your pup’s safety and happiness.

You can usually get away with sitting in the covered gazebo and watching your pooch from afar. However, if your pup is overly rambunctious or has poor recall, you might want to stick by their side as much as possible. Either way, consider tapping into the public Wi-Fi connection to post your dog’s silly photos and videos on the fly well before leaving the park.

If you have a small breed dog, you might want to take them to the small dog section if you’re worried about them getting overrun by bigger pups. But the choice is up to you. Large dogs should stay in the big dog area, although some regulars do not follow that rule. There’s also an agility course onsite if you want to put your dog’s physical abilities and training to the test.

When your pup gets thirsty, there’s a water fountain available. You just have to bring your own bowl. Sometimes, the water gets shut off during the winter months. So, bring your own filled water bottles whenever possible.

Remember to read through the rules posted at the front of the park and online when bringing your dog to play. There are common sense rules, like cleaning up your dog’s poop and making sure your pup always wears a collar and ID tag. Plus, there are some you might not think about, such as filling all holes dug by your dog and the limit of two dogs per handler.

Observation cameras run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it’s best to always abide by the rules. Many animal control officers patrol the park from time to time as well. This helps keep the park fun and safe for all visitors, making it a positive place for dogs to play all throughout the day.

Insider Tips:
-Wait until your dog is over six months and up to date on all vaccinations before introducing them to the park. Keep vaccinations current after that and keep proof on hand to fully abide by park rules.
-Don’t leave your dog’s filled water dish on the ground when they’re not using it. Other dogs might try to guard it as their own or drink out of it, potentially spreading illnesses to your canine companion.
-The park gets rather muddy during the rainy season. Bring a towel and paw wash station with you to clean up your dog before putting them back in the car.