Flea Traders Paradise

Flea Traders Paradise - A Unique Find for Every Person
Local Expert's Rating:
3.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Flea Traders Paradise is a bargain hunter’s dream. With numerous vendors selling all sorts of wares, everyone will find something here that they’ll want to take home. Come for the shopping, and stay for the food -- the inexpensive cafe serves award-winning barbecue.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Flea Traders Paradise is a bargain hunter’s perfect shopping mall. The flea market has vendors inside and out, and they’re selling all sorts of wares.

Inside the main building lies 40,000 square feet that houses numerous vendors. The vendors sell everything from the typical flea market finds (e.g. jewelry, dolls, T-shirts) to true Smoky Mountains finds (e.g. hats, crafts). The exact number of vendors varies on any given week, but there are always enough to spend a couple of hours perusing.

In addition to the flea market’s building is 2 acres of outside space that houses even more vendors. The kettle corn that’s sold just outside the front door is excellent, and many of the vendors have creative displays for their wares. On a nice day, this area can be even more fun to explore than inside the climate-controlled building.

Should you get hungry while shopping, an on-site cafe offers some of the best value around. The inexpensive prices here can be deceiving, as the award-winning barbecue and homemade ice cream sandwiches cost far less than they would just about anywhere else in Sevierville or Gatlinburg.

If you’re into bargain-hunting shopping, Flea Traders Paradise is the place to go. Whether looking for a standard item or something from the region, everyone will find a unique item to take home.

A few of our favorite items at Flea Traders Paradise include:

Kettle Corn
Sold just outside the front door on pleasant days, the Kettle Corn here is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Get a bag for while you’re shopping, and grab another when you leave.

The barbecue here is award-winning and priced right. Portions at these prices aren’t the largest, so order two if you’re hungry.

Ice Cream Sandwich
This isn’t your store-bought ice cream sandwich that’s sat in the freezer forever. Cold ice cream is scooped onto cookies each day, for the perfect freshness.

Look for an authentic Smoky Mountains hat as you peruse the vendors. A Daniel Boone cap or cowboy hat makes the perfect souvenir — take a walk through before buying any to make sure the one you get is the perfect one to wear.

A number of the vendors sell their own crafts or ones that are made by local artists. See if any strike your fancy, and bring a little spirit of the Smokies home with you.

Insider Tips:
-Don’t expect lots of vendors outdoors if it’s rainy. The indoor facility will still have plenty of people selling, but few want to stand out in the rain all day (nor do many shoppers).
-There’s plenty of outdoor parking here, and you’ll be able to easily maneuver a vehicle of any size. Bring the RV on your way into or out of town, since you don’t have to worry about parking and then unhitching a smaller car.