Bustin Butts BBQ

Bustin Butts BBQ - Flavorful Roadside Barbecue
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5.0 / 5
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Bustin Butts BBQ, formerly known as Heavenly Hog, is an incredibly popular barbecue joint located on the outskirts of Sevierville. Go here for top-rated smoked meat platters, including rib racks and whole chicken dinners. 

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Are you on the hunt for some authentic barbecue near Sevierville, TN? If so, then consider a stop at the roadie Bustin Butts BBQ stand.

The Bustin Butts BBQ truck sets up alongside an outdoor produce market off of Newport Highway. Also known as US Highway 411. Both the food truck and the outdoor produce market you’ll find in this fleshed-out parking lot are operated by the same family. Much of the food is sourced either from their own farm or otherwise locally.

When you pull into the oversized parking lot for Bustin Butts BBQ, things can feel a bit sparse. You’ll keep to the right, passing beyond a small entry stand complete with a bathroom, and then park to the side. There are three primary structures on this property. That first bathroom and entry building, an elongated open farm stand with a roof where produce and jarred preservatives and jams are lined up. Then another tall open structure outfitted with tables for dining. During some seasons, the family behind Bustin Butts BBQ will also put up a large tent for additional seating or to cover items like Christmas trees. There is also additional outdoor seating set up as picnic tables near the large smokers used for much of the barbecue cooking.

Back to the barbecue. Bustin Butts BBQ is open for lunch and dinner every day but Sunday. Their menu is very meat-focused, with plenty of combos and platters. You can call ahead for pick-up, or to simply ensure that what you’re hungry for is ready when you arrive.

The menu at Bustin Butts BBQ is long and may feel overwhelming for the barbecue-lover. However, here are some of the local favorites at this spot that you might consider:

Minor League
The Minor League lunch item is served as smoked meat put between a soft hamburger-styled bun, as a sandwich, or as a meal with your choice of side and drink. The meat choices you have for this sandwich include smoked pulled pork, brisket, or chicken. Your choice of sides for this and other lunch and dinner platters include smoked mac and cheese, smoked green beans, smoked baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and mashed potatoes smashed from actual potatoes and smothered in butter. You could also substitute your chef-prepped and cooked side for a bag of Lays chips, but why bother?

Chicken Dinner
This evening meal is going to leave you feeling pretty full and satisfied. The star of this entree is a half chicken that has been nicely smoked on-site. This meal comes with your choice of two sides; a Hawaiian-style roll, and a drink — they sell both Pepsi and Coca-Cola products.

Slab of Ribs Family Pack
The ribs at Bustin Butts BBQ are truly something else. The meat is well smoked and drizzled in sauce so that the meat practically slips off the bone. The Slab of Ribs Family Pack comes with a rack of ribs, your choice of two sides, and four Hawaiian-styled rolls (perfect for soaking up that meat juice and barbecue sauce).

Insider Tips:
-If you find yourself absolutely in love with this barbecue outfit and are hankering for it on the other side of town, the good news is that they have opened up another location. Bustin BBQ now also has a mobile truck out in Newport, TN. Unfortunately, this second location does not have seating available at this time and is only available for pick-up orders.
-Bustin BBQ is good all the time. However, we absolutely have to recommend a stop here if you are traveling at any point between mid-November to Christmas. During that winter season, this eatery really takes its cooking and its produce options to the next level. The barbecue part of the business offers smoked turkeys and hams while beautiful Christmas trees fill up the parking lot. Plus, because this is shortly after farm harvest season, the farm stand portion of the business has its aisles fully stocked with outstanding preservatives and jams.