Escape Reality Comics

Escape Reality Comics: Dive Into a Whole New World As You Explore This Sevierville Gem
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Escape Reality Comics is a perfectly-named Sevierville shop that offers an excellent range of comics from the Bronze and Silver Ages, not to mention, lots of modern titles that visitors will want to check out. Several collectibles are also available, including action figures and Legos. Browse this wonderfully organized store and discover the best that the local comic community has to offer.

- The Local Expert Team

Sevierville’s shopping experience covers nearly every niche imaginable —and comic books are no exception. If you’re on the hunt for a true gem and a memorable, low-key browsing experience, look no further than the appropriately named Escape Reality Comics.

Any visit to this charming shop truly will feel like an escape. It has been a staple in the local comic scene for several decades, although it’s gone through multiple names and owners during that time. In its current form, however, the shop has a lot to offer for visitors of all ages and from all walks of life. Everyone should truly feel welcome at Escape Reality Comics.

As you step into the store, you will be impressed by how clean and open it feels. This space is easy to navigate, making it a must-visit if you have a specific type of comic or collectible in mind. Otherwise, casual browsing is definitely encouraged and, with such an intuitive layout, you will find it easy to cover every section.

The obvious focus at Escape Reality is on comic books, although plenty of other collectibles can be found there. If you’re all about comics, however, you will be pleased to find a vast selection from the Bronze and Silver Ages of comics, extending from approximately 1956 to 1985. Several newer titles can be found as well. The long boxes that contain the shop’s many back issues are alphabetically organized, so finding the right comics should be a cinch.

If you feel daring, try out one of the shop’s mystery packs. Available at a steep discount (five comics for a mere $5), these will provide a great surprise and could introduce you to your new favorite comic series.

In addition to comic books, Escape Reality Comics has an extensive selection of Funko Pops and Legos. There are plenty of other collectibles as well, including action figures and unique decor that could make for the perfect Sevierville souvenir.

The customer service here is exceptional and, with any conversation, it will be immediately clear that the current owners are passionate about comics. They are eager to please and also want to share their love of all things comics with the many locals and tourists who frequent their store. If you have any questions, feel free to ask — you will almost certainly receive a prompt and helpful response.

If you crave a quick dose of escapism in comic or collectible form, you’ll easily find it while browsing at Escape Reality Comics. Check out this incredible selection and discover why this gem is such a staple in the Smoky Mountains comic book community.

Insider Tips:
-Escape Reality’s parking lot is incredibly small, so this store can sometimes be difficult to access. Thankfully it has a great location near the Parkway, so you are always welcome to park elsewhere and visit on foot as you explore the area.
-Be thorough when examining the comic books on display, for, what seems to be a mint-condition product may actually reveal some damage when you take a closer look. A few customers have complained that, on second glance, the comic books aren’t as solid as they initially seem. In such situations, however, the owners are happy to provide free exchanges with proof of purchase.
-The store’s owners are happy to buy and sell, so if you have anything they might be interested in checking out, feel free to stop in.