Buc-ee’s – Sevierville

Buc-ee's – Visit the World’s Largest Gas Station Right in Sevierville
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4 / 5
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Want to see the world’s largest gas station? Just plan a trip to Sevierville and head on over to Buc-ee’s. This pit stop features gourmet snacks, homemade meals, and souvenirs, ensuring your fill-up experience is both delightful and unforgettable.  

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

If you want a gas station experience unlike any other, plan your trip through Sevierville to include a stop at Buc-ee’s. Known as the world’s largest gas station, this fuel stop is about so much more than gassing up. With its huge selection of homecooked meals, snacks, and souvenirs, this gas station transforms a simple pit stop into an unforgettable adventure.

Although Buc-ee’s has been around since 1982, their Sevierville location just opened in June 2023. Their grand opening attracted people from far and wide, all eager to see what a 120-pump filling station looks like. While that’s impressive all on its own, the 74,000-square-foot travel center definitely stole the show, and for good reason.

Inside, you can find all of Buc-ee’s famous gourmet foods, including smoked meats, baked goods, and jerky by the boatload. The shelves, display tables, and baskets remain fully stocked with all the fan favorites daily. As if that’s not enough, their team also goes all out in creating homemade meals to order any time of the day or night. They’re open year-round, too, just in case you need to gas up your car and get a midnight snack on your favorite holidays.

The food keeps people coming through the doors, but that’s not all they offer. Their supercenter also has tons of merchandise available, such as hats, clothing, toys and games, household goods, road trip supplies, and even barbecue grills. You name it, and they likely have it somewhere in the store or outside in the display area.

Their souvenirs are a must, especially if you don’t have a Buc-ee’s in your area. Pressed pennies, shot glasses, magnets, and their famous beaver mascot in plushie form are all worth picking up during your visit. While browsing souvenirs, expect to wade through the crowds to reach the most popular items. This location stays busy all day and night, especially during the tourist season.

Top things to try at Buc-ee’s:

Beaver Nuggets
A signature snack at this travel center, Beaver Nuggets never fails to impress with their sweet and savory flavors. As you crunch on each puff, the caramel coating melts in your mouth, leaving you reaching time and again for another handful. They’re sold in the perfect size for sharing, but you won’t want to, so get each person their own bag.

Smoked Brisket
Texas is known for its barbecue, so you can count on this travel center to come through in a big way with its Smoked Brisket. It’s tender, flavorful, and smoked to perfection, giving Tennessee a taste of the Lone Star State’s rich BBQ tradition. Get yours in a sandwich, breakfast wrap, or all on its own, just make sure to pair it with the baked potato salad.

Cinnamon Roll
If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, the Cinnamon Roll is a dream come true. This amazing treat is soft, fluffy, and filled with rich, buttery cinnamon. The sugary glaze over the top is the perfect finishing touch, making it the go-to breakfast on the road.

Buc-ee’s might be known for their tasty foods and souvenirs, but they don’t skimp on the vehicle care either. You can get regular and diesel gas in any grade you desire, plus ethanol-free fuel for your boats and small engines. There’s even diesel exhaust fluid available at the pump whenever your truck needs it. If you need oil, coolant, or other fluids, head inside to pick up all your car care supplies before heading out.

Insider Tips:
-Buc-ee’s is known for its ultra-clean bathrooms, so it’s wise to make this your favorite spot to freshen up while on the road.
-Check the lanes carefully if you’d like to pay for your gas while buying other items in the travel center. You cannot pay for fuel at all the checkout counters, leaving you having to get back in line if you choose the wrong one.
-Unless you go straight in and back out, expect your visit to last at least an hour. Set a timer if you’re worried about staying on schedule.