Adventure Park Ziplines

Have the Ride of Your Life at Adventure Park Ziplines
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

With nine zip lines measuring up to 2,500 feet long, Adventure Park Zip Lines gives you an unbelievable flying adventure through the forest in the Smoky Mountains. Even if you're scared of heights or you've never done it before, you'll enjoy this activity. 

- The Local Expert Team

If you’re up for a thrilling experience, head to Adventure Park Ziplines for some heart-pounding fun. This attraction has several zip lines ranging from 450 to 2,500 feet in length. Zip lining is fun for all ages, even for kids!

If your little ones feel worried, they can ride in tandem with you. Anyone who is in average to good health and has no heart or back problems can take part in the experience. The only other requirement is that guests weigh between 70 and 275 pounds.

A zip line is a cable with a pulley attached. The cable suspends over the forest in the Smoky Mountains on an incline. When riding a zip line, you’ll put on a harness with a round metal attachment, which clips to the pulley. As you slide down the line, gravity will pull you from the top to the bottom. You will reach speeds as fast as 50 miles per hour!

The stunning forest setting around you is unbelievable, and you’ll experience the rush of cruising over the treetops. Plus, taking a zip line ride offers views that you would typically only see with a helicopter ride over the top of the forest.

Adventure Park Ziplines offers a safe yet thrilling attraction for every rider. The guides have gone through safety training to make sure that your ride down the zip line is safe. If you’re afraid of heights, your two expert guides will help you overcome your fears and enjoy the experience. The highest point of the course is 150 feet off the ground, but you’ll typically only reach about 35 feet above. You’re also double-clipped to the half-inch steel cable and attached to a safety line.

If you’ve never zip-lined before, don’t worry! Most of the people who visit Adventure Park Ziplines are experiencing this activity for the very first time. The guides will talk to you before you start so that you know what to expect. They’ll also stay with you the whole time and walk you through the process as you go down each zip line.

Your admission includes one tour on all nine zip lines in the park. When you go down each of the lines, you’ll wear gloves and hold on to the cable with your dominant hand to control your speed and help you slow down at the end. Some of the lines let you move faster, while others offer a slower ride so you can enjoy the scenery. You can also make a reservation for zip lining and a tour of the forest on horseback.

Insider Tips:
-If your child wants to ride but weighs less than 70 pounds, they can still go with a guide.
-Try the Zip at Night program to get a whole new look at the forest in the dark.
-You can still zip line in the rain, but if the weather conditions are severe or there is lightning, it’s not safe. In this case, Adventure Park Ziplines will reschedule your tour or give you a full refund.
-You don’t have to walk or hike between lines. Instead, you can take transportation via a Polaris ATV to the first tower, and you’ll climb about 15 steps to get to the top.
-Make sure to wear tennis shoes or other comfortable, closed-toe footwear.