Sevierville’s Best Pizza Places: Where to Go When You’re Craving a Mouthwatering Pie

Down-home cooking may be the name of the game in Sevierville, but the city also offers plenty of other dishes that could arguably be classified as comfort food. The best example? Pizza. What could be more comforting than a piping hot pie, smothered in sauce and topped with ooey-gooey cheese? Add flavorful meat or fresh veggies — and you have the makings of the ultimate treat after a busy day in the Smoky Mountains.

Located in or near Sevierville, these restaurants promise to satisfy your most urgent cravings when nothing but pizza will do:

Mellow Mushroom

mellow mushroom, pesto pizza with tomatoes

Don’t be put off by the unusual name of this memorable restaurant. Yes, it has funky vibes, but any type of visitor can appreciate the stone-baked pizzas and draft beers served at the Mellow Mushroom. The atmosphere isn’t quite like anything else you’ll find in the Smoky Mountains, but that’s exactly why it’s worth visiting.

This restaurant is particularly appealing to those with dietary restrictions, as several types of pizza are available in gluten-free or vegan form. Adventurous eaters will also be thrilled, as the pizzas served here often include unique toppings such as Swiss cheese, jerk-marinated pork, or shiitake mushrooms.

J. Del’s Pizza

J. Del's Pizza place in sevierville, mushrooms on top

Photo Credit by @hapeycabins on Instagram

If you’re craving New York-style pizza and garlic knots, look no further than J Del’s. The pizza is as tasty as anything you’ll find in the Big Apple, and the customer service is arguably even better. Friendly staff members serve your pizza with a smile — and they’re happy to accommodate special requests.

In keeping with New York pizza, the crust here is thin. Therein lies the appeal for many visitors, who prefer to avoid doughy or soggy crusts. A hint of garlic flavor ups the ante, as does the tasty marinara and the excellent sauce-to-cheese ratio. While the toppings are generous, these pizzas would taste wonderful with cheese alone.

Papa Leone’s Pizzeria

pizza with red onions, cheese, chicken, and ranch drizzle on top, Papa Leone's Pizzeria

Photo Credit by @mullinsmunches on Instagram

While many of the pizza joints included on this list require a brief drive to Pigeon Forge, Papa Leone’s offers tasty pies from the convenience of Sevierville. Gluten-free pizzas are available, as are veggie-topped options for those who prefer to avoid eating meat. Dedicated carnivores, however, will be pleased to find a variety of meaty toppings, ranging from the usual sausage and pepperoni to bacon, salami, and even Philly steak.

Many people prefer to order Papa Leone’s for carry-out, as it is situated conveniently close to several Sevierville cabins. Delivery is also an excellent option, with prompt service ensuring that the pizza remains hot until it reaches its final destination.

Gondolier Italian Restaurant

supreme style pizza, Gondolier Italian Restaurant

Its name evokes the romance of an evening out in Venice, but Gondolier Italian Restaurant is a decidedly casual establishment, where you can score fast and fresh pizza — or pasta if you prefer. If you opt for pizza, you’ll be treated to the flavorful sauce and hearty toppings. If you prefer your crust on the crispy side, this is the restaurant for you.

Pizza may be at the center of the Gondolier experience, but you’ll also be head over heels for the breadsticks. Be careful, as it’s easy to fill up on breadsticks and not have enough room left over for pizza. If possible, save room for dessert, as the sweet treats are nothing short of delectable. The cheesecake is particularly decadent, although you can’t go wrong with chocolate or carrot cake if you somehow have room.

Nino’s Pizzeria & Eatery


Photo Credit by @ninospizzeriaandeatery on Instagram

If you’re picky about pizza crusts and demand perfection in every pie, you won’t be disappointed by Nino’s Pizzeria. The dough for the crust is made by hand on a daily basis, so you can expect excellence. The sauce is just as delicious. As the establishment’s proud staff members regularly explain, the sauce’s recipe has been passed down multiple generations. Fresh toppings such as sausage, roasted red peppers, and artichokes complete this exquisite pizza experience.

Nino’s location is not the most convenient among Sevierville restaurants. Its off-the-beaten-path status lends it a quiet atmosphere that can otherwise be difficult to find during peak dinner hours. Its back road location also makes it a great stop at the end of a scenic drive. Takeout is available, but the dine-in experience is so enjoyable that you’ll want to make a point of stopping in for an onsite meal.

Big Daddy’s Pizzeria

pizza and sides, big daddy's pizzeria, sevierville

When nothing but wood-fired pizza will do, your best bet will be Big Daddy’s. This regional chain has a location in Sevierville, which is easy to reach as it’s situated right on the Parkway. Big Daddy’s in Sevierville lacks the arcade that makes the Pigeon Forge restaurant so popular. Yet, it’s still worth visiting if you’re staying in the area.

While a traditional pizza can be enjoyable at Big Daddy’s, this restaurant begs you to get adventurous. If you’re intent on keeping your carb intake to a minimum, you are the perfect candidate for the sausage crust pizza. Otherwise, pies with ranch dressing, spinach-artichoke dip, or shaved steak will have you looking at the pizza concept in a whole new light.

Whether you crave a casual takeout meal from the comfort of your hotel or a trendier, dine-in experience, you can find a great pie in or near Sevierville. Treat yourself to a delicious pizza — there’s no better way to indulge after a busy day in the Smokies.