Sevierville in the Fall: Everything You Need to Know

If you want to experience all the best that the fall season has to offer, there is perhaps no better place to do it than Sevierville, Tennessee. In this quaint town, you can find many excellent events, restaurants, and autumn displays. You can even take the fall driving tours to check out the gorgeous fall foliage and geographical features all around. And, of course, there’s always the trails, parkways, and waterfalls through the Great Smoky Mountains awaiting your arrival. To start planning the autumn trip of a lifetime, simply use this guide to learn all you know about spending time in Sevierville this fall.

Pack All the Right Items for the Cooler Weather

Unless you are planning your trip for September when daytime temperatures still average in the 80s, it is best to pack for the cooler weather. In the October and November months, the temperatures fall into the 70s and 60s, respectively, and it could start raining at any time.  

So, during those months, to stay plenty warm and comfortable, you should bring:

  • Comfy waterproof shoes
  • Wool socks
  • Sweatshirt
  • Light jacket
  • Convertible pants

On most days through the fall months, the chance of rain hovers around 25%, so bring along an umbrella or rain poncho as well. You’ll also need sunscreen, sunglasses, and even a sunhat since the cloudy days are still quite bright.

If you plan on doing a lot of driving, bring a picnic basket and/or cooler that you can load up with all your favorite things to eat and drink. Don’t forget a blanket to spread out as well, ensuring you can stop for a bite to eat whenever and wherever you want.

Put Several Fun Events on Your Schedule

Photo Provided by @jessie2you

As the foliage across the Great Smoky Mountains starts to change color, fall events hit the calendar like wild. The Sevierville County Fair kicks off the fall event season in style with its awesome attractions, fair food, and contests galore.

Other events on the calendar include:

Each Friday from 9 am until 1 pm, you can also stop by the Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market for fresh produce, flowers, and homemade goods of all kinds. You can find all sorts of wonderful souvenirs here, including clothing, skincare products, and household items.

Keep an Eye Out for All the Fun Autumn Displays

Each year, the businesses down Winfield Dunn Parkway, Dolly Parton Parkway, and other main thoroughfares compete to make the best autumn displays. They artfully arrange their pumpkins, scarecrows, and everything in between to show everyone just what they love about this season. Most of these iconic displays are completed by October, so keep your eye out as you drive around town. Just make sure to park in a safe place if you want to hop out and use them as a backdrop for all your selfies and group photos.

Don’t Miss the Chance to Enjoy the Fall Driving Tours

If you want some direction on the best routes to take through Sevierville and beyond, let the fall driving tours lead the way.

The official tours on record include:

  • Douglas Lake
  • Middle Prong
  • English Mountain

Each tour takes you through the downtown area to see all the most famous landmarks in the region, including the Dolly Parton Statue, Yett’s Store, and Robertson Farmstead. While taking these self-guided tours, you can stop at safe points along the way for pictures and to leisurely take in the breathtaking sights all around.

If you plan to be on the road all day, you just need to pack up a cooler full of snacks and icy beverages to stay well-fed and hydrated. You could go the extra mile, however, and pack a full picnic lunch to enjoy alongside your favorite landmarks.

Stop Often to View All the Spectacular Fall Foliage

If you just want to spend the day gazing upon the rich warm colors of the fall foliage, then plan to visit the road, trails, and landmarks through the Great Smoky Mountain, such as:

All of these trails offer an incredible view of the leaves changing color and you might even catch a glimpse of wildlife getting ready for winter.

If traveling with your dogs, however, you can only go on the Oconaluftee River Trail or the Gatlinburg Trail with them in tow. These two trails are also the only ones that allow you to travel by bicycle instead of walking.

Grab a Bite to Eat to Enjoy All the Flavors of Sevierville

Sevierville is home to many excellent restaurants serving homecooked meals made with the freshest ingredients.

You can sample the best in the region by having each meal at:

As you enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner made to order, do not forget to leave some room for dessert. Just at the bakehouse alone, you can find cinnamon bread, peanut butter brownies, and many other delightful treats.

With your itinerary filled out and bags packed, all that’s left to do is hit the road and travel to Sevierville. While you are sure to have a great time no matter when you go, the fall months are the only time to attend the listed events, watch the leaves change color, and see autumn displays come out.