Ponies in the Smokies 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a lover of sports cars and classic rides? Then Ponies in the Smokies 2024 is a trip to put on your bucket list. This classic car show is a delightfully specialized look at one of America’s favorite sports cars: the Ford Mustang.

What’s a Pony?

Want to look cool? Then make sure to educate the whole family ahead of time on the hip lingo. Okay, so the lingo isn’t that hip. The term pony to describe a four-seater sports car was coined back in the 1960s after Ford released their now-classic Mustang. (Hence the horsey name.)

It kicked off not only our country’s abiding love of this model but of all cars in its class. Now a pony more generally refers to a two-door car that is sporty but not muscly. We’re looking for zip, people, not rumble!

What Is Ponies in the Smokies?

Today, Ponies in the Smokies celebrates this history with an entire week-long event centered on Mustangs. However, certain other vehicles are also welcome. These include Fox Chassis cars, Ford Lightnings, and a few different breeds of trucks. If you’re hoping to include a car in the show, you’ll have to wait till next year and check with organizers whether your auto fits the bill.

The event is both indoors and outdoors.


Ponies in the Smokies: The Details

Photo Credit by @poniesinthesmokies134 on Instagram

Ponies in the Smokies is a classic show from March 18th through the 23rd of 2024.

It is held at the Sevierville Convention Center. The address is 202 Gists Creek Rd, Sevierville, TN 37876.

What’s on the Schedule?

One of the main attractions to Ponies in the Smokies is the car show, which is unfortunately sold out for 2024. You can always buy tickets early to get into next year’s show, but honestly, Ponies in the Smokies is a good old-fashioned time even without the show. For those with children, it’s not that big a loss, since the show is huge and can be overwhelming.

However, there are other events on the agenda, including:

The Driving Experience
From learning to drift to handling your car at high speeds on crazy curves (Google “Tail of the Dragon” if you haven’t already), the Driving Experience is here to help you get the most out of your Pony.

The Shine Run
Love liquor and fun driving spots? The Shin Run is a kind of bingo wherein participants visit related spots around the area, fill out their cards, and turn them in for prizes on March 20 at the Shine Run party.

Evening Events
There’s plenty to do after the main events shutter for the evening, so make sure to check out nightlife to see which Sevierville spots and surrounding areas are offering up Pony-related fun.

What Else Is There to Do?

If you can come a little early, try checking our Chevys in the Smokies on March 14, another classic car event that will tickle your fancy. (And if you miss out on Ponies in the Smokies, don’t worry, you can always hit up the Bronco Super Celebration on April 16.)

Many visitors, however, like to diversify their activities. For instance, you can check out the many amusement parks, attractions, and hiking trails in the Sevierville, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge areas. This tri-city combo has tons of history going on, from ghost towns to distilleries to museums, and it’s a great place to spend quality family time.

Want to travel farther afield, like hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, but don’t want to rent a car? You can always book a hiking tour, which ranges from day trips to overnight extravaganzas. Be sure to check where the hiking trips pick you up ahead of time, though!

The Insider Take

Photo by @speed_trap_productions on Instagram

Here are a few more tips to make sure your visit is as epic as possible:

1. Avoid the Traffic by Planning Ahead

If you want to avoid traffic, get to town on the Friday before the show starts. Before noon is best. You can also ditch the car (discussed more below) to avoid dealing with traffic, and just walk!

2. Get Great Deals by Gaming the Internet

One thing many people don’t know about travel is that the internet tracks your interests via cookies, saved to your web browser when you visit hotel sites and search for airfare. It then uses these to return higher results the next time you check for prices. This is potentially a major waste of money.

If you are dedicated to a specific airline or hotel plan, this doesn’t apply to you. However, if you’re a consummate price shopper, do your searching in incognito mode and log into your browser as you only when you’re ready to strike!

3. Forget Renting a Car

If you’re just spectating, why rent a car? You can hop a flight and a cab to Sevierville, and from there you’ll find plenty of in-town public transportation. In addition to your Uber and Lyft, there’s an adorable trolley service with two routes around town. From the restaurants to the museums to every car-related, you’ll have no trouble getting around.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Plan a Last-Minute Trip!

Many people assume that this close to the date, they should just wait till next year, but that’s not true at all! In fact, buying last-minute plane tickets is often a great way to save money, because airlines are trying to fill up flights.

Sevierville has plenty of hotels on offer, though this close to the car show, you may have to search a little more diligently, as they do fill up in response to the event. You can either look a little farther out to find them, or you can often get great lodging using Airbnb or cabin rentals.

The bottom line: Ponies in the Smokies is a must-see for any classic car lover, your average family of little ones, and all who ooh and ahh for that most American of inventions: the automobile.