5 Reasons to Visit Sevierville’s Newest Water Attraction: Soaky Mountain Waterpark

Taking a family vacation to Sevierville? If you’re on the fence about adding Soaky Mountain to your itinerary, allow us to place a vote in favor. This brand-new water attraction has something for everyone–from the youngest tots to the most adrenaline-seeking teens, to the adults who just want to relax and have fun. If these five reasons to visit Soaky Mountain don’t convince you, there’s a good chance that nothing will.

1. A Kids Play Zone that Packs a Serious Punch

Taking the family to a water park can feel like work, especially if you have young kids or hesitant swimmers along for the ride. Soaky Mountain has engineered a kid-friendly zone with minimum and maximum height limits for a wide variety of aquatic adventurers. They also have water slides catering to the pint-sized as well, so toddlers just getting used to the water have a safe, fun zone where they won’t be trampled by bigger kids.

Lil Rattler’s tube slides, a Mini Mayhem slide wall, and a fabulous splash/slide area called Boomer’s Bay all create a must-stop area that the littlest visitors in your crew won’t want to leave.

2. Thrill Rides That’ll Take Your Breath Away

Looking for an adrenaline rush? You’ve come to the right place. Take a ride on the Avalaunch Watercoaster, a two-person thrill ride that takes you from dizzying heights up mountains, down through valleys, around open curves, and into a whitewater finish that’ll leave you breathless. This slide feels a little like a roller coaster, but with the freeing feel of a waterslide; it’s hard to beat.

Soaky Mountain - Blue Mountain Mayhem

Other stomach-rattling rides include the Blue Mountain Mayhem, a 5-person raft with sections that’ll leave your entire crew feeling weightless, and the Holler, the super-fast slide that’ll make riders feel like they’re going to fall off the face of the Earth.

3. A Giant Wave Pool Perfect for Relaxing

The Soaky Surge is a 35,000 square foot wave pool that offers plenty of space to relax and swim, catch a wave, or watch the kids swim while recovering from some of Soaky Mountain’s more rushing rides. The Surge generates waves up to 6 feet tall, but don’t worry–they aren’t always that high. You’ll get a heads up before the surf really picks up speed.

Along the edges of the Soaky Surge, you’ll find plenty of picnic tables, chairs, and shade to relax and enjoy with a cold drink–a must when you’re spending a day on the water.

4. A Whitewater Experience You Won’t Forget

Black Bear Rapids isn’t your typical lazy river. Prepare to get wet and wild as you zoom through the rapids, ride real whitewater waves, and enjoy the view around the 24,000 square feet of rapids course area. It’s the perfect activity the entire family can do together, from tots to grown-ups.

On the Black Bear Rapids, many thrill-seekers are pleasantly surprised that it’s not “just a lazy river,” while those who aren’t a fan of the roller coaster experience enjoy the splashing, rollicking ride.

5. Mouthwatering Food Truck-Style Cuisine

Once you’ve burned off some energy on the water, you’ll need to refuel. Soaky Mountain pulls through in this department, too, with mouthwatering food your whole family will devour. Although you won’t find a slew of fair-style food choices, what you do find is truly excellent. The Tacolicious taco truck serves up real flavor, Rolly Macaroni has something for even the pickiest of theme park connoisseurs, and the Candy Cabin offers homemade candy treats from fudge to pralines that taste like they came right out of Grandma’s kitchen.

You’ll also love the Soaky Shake Shop, which offers a slew of mouthwatering gourmet shakes that are as beautifully Instagrammable as they are delicious.

Still need more reasons to stop by Soaky Mountain? Check out their website for the latest family packages and deals. You won’t be disappointed.