5 Reasons Why a Visit to Sevier Air Will Have You Jumping for Joy

On the hunt for a thrilling adventure in Sevierville? Hikes, zip lines, and mountain coasters all hold plenty of appeal, but there’s something special about Sevier Air. This trampoline park and Ninja Warrior course encourage visitors to embrace the sheer joy of moving, as you’ll discover the moment you set foot within the vast complex. 

With so much to do and see in the Smokies, you might not be sure if Sevier Air is exciting enough to warrant carving out time from your already jam-packed itinerary. However, if the following benefits are any indication, you won’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity no matter what else you have planned.

Kids LOVE to Jump And Climb

Even if you’re somehow ambivalent about trampolines or climbing walls, your kids are bound to fall in love with the many exciting activities found within Sevier Air’s sprawling complex. With over 38,000 square feet to explore, young visitors will have no trouble using up their excess energy.

There is something for everyone at Sevier Air. This is even true for kids and teens who are typically difficult to please. If they don’t immediately take to the other activities on your itinerary, you can at least be comforted by the knowledge that they’ll come away from your Smoky Mountains experience raving about their time at this popular destination. Don’t be surprised if they beg for a return trip.

Little Tykes Enjoy Toddler Time

At first glance, Sevier Air appears to be best suited for school-age kids and teens. Younger children can also enjoy themselves, however. The park offers special deals for toddlers and their parents, so it’s worth checking out — especially if your rambunctious little kid could use new, safe opportunities for exploration.

With several activities available for the tiniest jumpers, this park is an excellent option for families with children in several age groups. There’s no need to worry about pleasing one kid at the expense of the others.

A Unique Workout Opportunity For Adults

Sevier Air isn’t just for young people. Often, adults are even more enthusiastic about the attraction than the kids to whom it supposedly caters. Parents love to accompany their kids, but it’s also possible to have fun here without child companions. Many adults visit because they like the idea of moving their bodies without the struggle of the gym. 

You can find a myriad of options for cardio and even strength training at Sevier Air. To get your heart rate up, begin with jumping on the vast trampolines. From there, you can scale the rock climbing wall, shoot hoops, or put your agility to the test with a variety of unique features.

If you need an easy and fun way to burn off all those calories you’ve consumed at Sevierville’s top restaurants, you’ll be amazed by how quickly your Sevier Air experience takes you beyond your typical workout. Let your inner child loose as you pursue an exercise opportunity you’ll always remember.

Get in the Spirit of Competition on the Ninja Warrior Course

Jumping alone would be a blast, but that’s only the beginning at Sevier Air. In addition to its iconic trampoline park, this destination is home to a huge Ninja Warrior area. Offering plenty to challenge visitors of all ages, this course allows participants to live out their dreams of making their mark as acclaimed athletes on TV. Competitive types are especially fond of this feature, which encourages kids to face off against their siblings, adults to show off for one another, and everyone to strive for their personal best.

Rainy Day Fun

When you booked your trip to the Smoky Mountains, you probably anticipated spending a lot of time in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate with your intended itinerary. Hence, the need for a backup plan allows you to have just as much fun as you would during your originally anticipated adventures. You certainly won’t feel like you’re missing out when you hit up Sevier Air, which makes for an excellent substitute for the area’s high-energy outdoor activities.

While Sevier Air is a top choice for rainy days, it’s exciting enough to be a compelling stop even when the sun is shining. Most visits last just a few hours, so you’ll still have plenty of time to tackle the other to-do’s on your list of Smoky Mountain essentials. 

If you crave adventure and need an outlet for your children or your inner child, look no further than Sevier Air. Build time into your schedule for jumping, climbing, and exploring. You’ll leave feeling physically exhausted but also full of childlike joy and wonder.