5 Reasons to Visit The Appalachian: Sevierville’s New Farm to Table Restaurant

A new restaurant has joined the culinary scene in Sevierville, and, already, it’s making waves. Purposefully named The Appalachian, this project draws attention to the cherished traditions of the Smoky Mountains.

Of course, with so many respected restaurants in town, it can be tempting to stick with the region’s tried and tested locations. If you’re ready for something a bit different, however, your willingness to take on a culinary adventure will be well rewarded.

The following are a few of the most compelling reasons to give this unique establishment a try:

1. Convenient Downtown Location

As the centerpiece of Sevierville’s Old Market Square, The Appalachian boasts one of the most appealing vantage points in town. Its esteemed location alone makes it worth visiting, as it allows you to easily build your dining experience into your Sevierville itinerary.

Depending on where you’re staying or which attractions you plan on visiting, The Appalachian may be located within a brief stroll or drive from your destination. If you drive, you can take advantage of the public parking lot located right across the street.

Feel free to stroll through the downtown area before or after your meal. Take a moment to observe the charming mural situated right next to The Appalachian. All this will grant you a greater appreciation for the community emphasis at and around this new restaurant.

2. Dedication to Appalachian Cuisine

There’s a lot to love about the Southern-influenced menus that dominate Sevierville and surrounding communities, but, as satisfying as these meals are, they don’t always reflect true Appalachian culinary traditions. That all changes with The Appalachian, which, as its name makes clear, aims to pay homage to the authentic cuisine of the Smoky Mountains region.

Executive chef David Rule explains, “We are bringing a contemporary Southern Appalachian culinary experience to Sevierville all while honoring the past.” He hopes that the new restaurant will deliver “the greatest reflection and flavors of this amazing region.”

To this end, the menu is stocked with distinctively local dishes that you won’t easily find outside of the Smokies. Ingredients such as okra and rainbow trout resemble those that historic Appalachian residents would have used over a century ago — and that many continue to enjoy on a regular basis to this day.

Many local restaurants provide excellent ingredients, but The Appalachian goes and beyond with a wood-burning hearth found in the kitchen. By making the most of this important feature, The Appalachian is able to deliver a delightfully smoky flavor.

3. Local Ingredients

In keeping with its emphasis on the community, The Appalachian sources much of its food from local farms. From honey to greens, many of the restaurant’s finest ingredients are produced nearby.

To support other small businesses, The Appalachian partners with several recognizable shops and restaurants. These include local favorites such as Mossy Green Mushrooms, Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Ham, Mountain Roots Farm, and Zavel’s Farm. This is your opportunity to lend the area’s most important agricultural businesses a helping hand.

4. Amazing Drinks at the Bar

While your dry-aged steak or grilled chicken will taste wonderful on its own, you’ll enjoy your meal that much more if it’s accompanied by the right drink. You’ll be impressed by the selection at The Appalachian, which has an especially impressive whiskey list. A variety of cocktails and craft beers are also available. The wine menu is modest, but you’re welcome to bring a favorite from your own cellar if you’re willing to pay a corkage fee. Otherwise, feel free to ask your server for recommendations.

5. Excellent Service

If atmosphere and service are priorities when you visit local restaurants, you won’t be disappointed by The Appalachian. Warm and attentive staff members make every effort to ensure that all guests leave smiling.

When you’re not chatting with your server, you will be taking in your pleasant surroundings. The decor feels modern but also nods to the traditional Appalachian flair that the restaurant’s menu aims to reflect.

If you want your restaurant visit to go beyond a simple meal to form a memorable Sevierville experience, you will definitely want to check out The Appalachian. Stop in to discover what makes traditional Appalachian cuisine so special. You will emerge with a greater appreciation for the cherished ingredients and techniques that distinguish the culinary scene in the Smoky Mountains.