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Riverwalk Greenway

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Riverwalk Greenway - Paved Trail Within City Limits
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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The Riverwalk Greenway is a paved trail that runs the length of Pigeon Forge. Perfect for walking, jogging and biking, this trail makes it easy to access nature without leaving the city’s limits.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

The Riverwalk Greenway runs the length of Pigeon Forge along the West Prong of Little Pigeon River. A path that runs the length of the city yet seems removed from it, this is the perfect place to get away when you can’t make it out to remoter parts of the mountains.

A fully paved pathway, the Riverwalk Greenway is perfect for just about any form of outdoor enjoyment. Parents can be seen on Saturday and Sunday mornings jogging with children in a stroller or biking with toddlers on the back of a bike. Athletes regularly use the trail for exercise, and many people enjoy walking along the scenic path.

The trail itself runs 4 miles through Pigeon Forge, never leaving the city’s limits. The trail breaks into three main sections, including a 1-mile loop around the historic City Park, a 1-mile course along the river and a 1.5-mile path behind the Convention Center and along Butler Street. This last section connects with a ½-mile trail at Patriot Park, which itself is another nice place to explore.

Importantly, the trail goes under all of the overpasses that it crosses. Nowhere along the trail do you have to navigate traffic on a major road.

A natural area that’s easily accessible both because of its location and its paved pathway, Riverwalk Greenway is a convenient place to get away for a short break. Whether you need to exercise or just want to spend a short while surrounded by nature, this trail is a favorite with everyone who likes to get outdoors.

A few of our favorite places along Riverwalk Greenway include:

Have a Picnic on One of the Many Benches
Bring a picnic lunch and stop at one fo the many benches along the pathway. A seat with a peaceful location is the perfect place to enjoy a little picnic.

1-Mile River Portion
Make sure you check out the 1-mile stretch that runs along the river. It’s the nicest stretch of the park, and you never know what wildlife you might see on the river’s banks.

The Island
The island is definitely worth taking a detour to. It’s the main island on this stretch of the river, and you won’t find any commercial industry here.

The Trail During Dusk
The entire length of the trail is lit up during the evening by lamps. At this time of day, any part of the trail makes for a pleasant evening walk — and you’re more likely to see fowl or other animals at this time of day.

Insider Tips: 
– If you start at Patriot Park, you must go past several houses to get where it’s obviously a trail. There’s a sidewalk all the way, but the very start of the trail just looks like a suburban walkway.
– To get to the island, you have to cross a couple of bridges. The path might not look obvious from a distance, but you’ll get to the island if you just follow the trail.