Ultimate Pigeon Forge Go-Kart Guide

When it comes to satisfying your need for speed, Pigeon Forge go-kart tracks serve as an excellent place to go. Built for high-speed hijinks, these tracks let you blast down the straights and through the corners while challenging yourself to get the best lap times. Beyond that, you can compete against your friends, family, and perfect strangers on your quest to become the best on each track. Ready to conquer all the best go-kart tracks in Pigeon Forge? Here’s a look at where to start this awesome journey.

Xtreme Racing Center

Well-known as the fastest go-kart track in Pigeon Forge, Xtreme Racing Center definitely lives up to its name. Every trip around the 3,500-foot Xtreme track will have you putting your skills to the test at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. Once you master the track layout, you can go on a combo run to experience it in the reverse direction.

For a more chill karting journey, take a trip around the Elevated track from time to time. Perfect for tandem runs with the little ones, this 1,500-foot track has plenty of twists and turns perfect for each kart’s 30 miles per hour top speed. When you just want to fly solo on a leisure course, take a single kart instead and work on perfecting your cornering skills.

Blake Jones Racing Center

When you’re looking for an indoor and outdoor go-kart racing experience, turn your attention to the Blake Jones Racing Center. On the indoor side, you can hit the Figure 8 Slick Track to practice your drifting skills and enjoy fierce competition.

Or for a more relaxing drive, cruise around the oval track, which is perfectly climate controlled and sheltered from the elements. You can also take their electric go-karts outdoors to enjoy the views while you zoom around. All along the way, you must avoid bumping and jostling the competition – even when neck and neck.

If rivalries grow heated, duke it out in the Spin Zone Bumper Cars to see who comes out the winner before taking another trip around the indoor or outdoor go-kart track. You can jump between all the different attractions onsite as long as you get the multi-ride package.

Fast Tracks

For a truly family-friendly go-karting trip, get on over to Fast Tracks for a fun ride. They have three awesome tracks built for beginner to advanced drivers. On the oval Pro Track, you must focus on following the lines to get the fastest laps and come out the winner. It’s only available for those 12 and up, however, so the little ones have to wait for their chance to compete.

While they wait, they can build up their skills on the Junior track that mimics the Pro course, but on a smaller scale. The Junior track is only open to the littlest of the group, as it’s built for ages four to six.

Open to drivers ages nine and up, the Elevated track provides an altogether different driving experience. First, it takes you up a three-level spiral and then allows you to glide back down the hill at breakneck speed. Many drivers attempt to see how fast they can zoom up the spiral to get the most speed on their descent back to the start.

Rockin’ Raceway

At Rockin’ Raceway, they go beyond go-karts with mind-blowing VR experiences, retro arcade games, and DanceDance Revolution SuperNova machines with over 300 songs. Despite all that fun, their go-kart track is what brings people in from far and wide.

Built with technical challenges at every corner, their course promises to keep you coming back for more. With each trip around the track, you’ll find ways to improve your lap times and get high scores. You can even pass on your knowledge to the next generation by taking their tandem go-karts out for a spin.

Once you get worn out from whipping the karts down the track, you can rest up while playing tons of awesome games. All along the way, you can earn tons of points, which are redeemable for fantastic gifts. If you want to save money on all the fun available here, swing by on Tuesdays for half-off ticket prices and triple the wins.

SpeedZone Fun Park

SpeedZone Fun Park has four incredible go-kart tracks for you to enjoy:

  • Slick Track
  • Coaster Track
  • Tennessee Twister
  • Kids Track

If you would like to drift your heart out, then the Slick track is calling your name. Every corner is a chance to practice controlled slides and see how long you can hold your drifts.

Built entirely from wood planks, the Tennessee Twister promises a karting experience unlike any other. The twists and turns will keep you paying close attention to the way ahead while the uneven surface keeps you guessing.

The Coaster track, on the other hand, lets you feel what it’s like to pilot a rollercoaster ride all your own. The downhill blasts will have you wanting to throw your hands up in the air but be sure to keep your hands on the wheel to say in control of your journey.

Don’t forget to let kids age four and up try the Kids track, so they can feel the wind blowing through their hair while racing around the course. Both the Tennessee Twister and Coaster Track have tandem cars, so you can take the kiddos on faster, more exciting rides as well.

With each Pigeon Forge go-kart track you conquer, you get ever closer towards your dreams of becoming the best driver around. Even if you don’t always win, navigating through the tracks is always a blast, especially when you bring your friends and family along for the ride.