The Best Desserts: Pigeon Forge’s Most Mouthwatering Dessert Destinations

Pigeon Forge cuisine covers almost every category imaginable. You adore the many local offerings and are happy to eat your fill at the region’s top restaurants — but sometimes, all you really care about is dessert. Thank goodness there is plenty of delicious desserts in Pigeon Forge that cater to lovers of sweets.

As you look to indulge your cravings for ice cream, donuts, and other treats, don’t hesitate to hit up the following locations:

Curl de la Creme

Take your dessert experience up a notch at Curl de la Creme, which goes beyond your ordinary ice cream shop to serve delicacies you never knew were possible. Founded and owned by a talented team of sisters, this unique establishment transforms the dessert experience into a form of entertainment.

Curl de la Creme’s dessert creation process begins with selecting your favorite mix-ins, with options including everything from cookies to fruit and even cereal. Next, choose from one of three base ice cream flavors. The result? A fully customized dessert that lives up to your wildest dreams.

Mad Dog’s Creamery

desserts in Pigeon Forge, mad dogs ice cream

Referred to by the owners as a “one-stop sweet shop,” Mad Dog’s Creamery serves a wide variety of treats, all of which look, smell, and taste amazing. If there’s anything wrong with this top dessert destination, it’s that selecting just one menu item can prove surprisingly difficult.

Mad Dog’s donuts are fresh and flavorful, with abundant options ranging from Boston cream to apple fritters available. The ice cream is just as tasty, however, with hand-dipped offerings proving especially popular on hot summer days. If you’re somehow not in the mood for ice cream or donuts, you’ll definitely want to try the funnel cake.

With so many choices available, the only real solution is to visit on multiple occasions. The shop is open late, making it the perfect destination to end a wonderful date night on a sugar high.

Old Mill Creamery

desserts in Pigeon Forge, old mill creamery

If you crave nostalgia as much as you crave ice cream, you’ll quickly fall in love with the charming atmosphere at Pigeon Forge’s famed Old Mill Creamery. This local favorite is known for its old-fashioned approach, in keeping with its historic gristmill setting. Its signature creations, however, are far from ordinary.

The creamery’s top recipes incorporate a variety of memorable ingredients, including favorites from the Old Mill Candy Kitchen, oats ground at the Old Mill, and even spirits from the Old Forge Distillery. Take a chance on an unfamiliar recipe — and don’t hesitate to pair your ice cream with a homemade waffle cone or bowl.

Sawyer’s Farmhouse Restaurant

desserts in Pigeon Forge , sawyer's


Although not exclusively dedicated to sweet foods, Sawyer’s Farmhouse Restaurant serves a variety of dishes that are sure to give you a sugar high. These can primarily be found during breakfast, when pancakes, waffles, French toast, and crepes dominate the menu. Several of these options are seriously sweet, featuring such tasty ingredients as chocolate chips, grilled bananas, spiced apple compote, peanut butter syrup, and even M&M’s. Enjoy with a coffee, or, if you really want a sugar rush, one of the restaurant’s cherry-flavored Roy Rogers sodas.

Song & Hearth Buffet at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort

The DreamMore Resort provides easy access to Dollywood while also surrounding you with the unique ambiance that makes the theme park so special. As in the park, the resort offers exceptional food that will have your mouth watering during the entirety of your stay. Whether you’re a resort guest or simply eager to stop in for a stomach-busting buffet, you’ll quickly fall in love with the vast array of options available at Song & Hearth.

While hearty dishes such as prime rib and fried chicken tend to attract the bulk of the attention, Song & Hearth’s sweeter offerings also deserve praise. The buffet offers numerous treats from the resort’s bakery, including fruit cobbler, bread pudding, and apple crisp. Most impressive of all? The buffet’s wall of donuts. You’ll find a similarly delicious selection at breakfast and brunch when such favorites as French toast, cinnamon rolls, and even bacon pancakes take over.

There is no shortage of dessert in Pigeon Forge, where sweets are a big deal. Take a break from your usual diet and eat your fill of ice cream, donuts, cobbler, and funnel cake. This is your opportunity to indulge in treats that immediately put a smile on your face.