Where to Go Moonshine Tasting in Pigeon Forge

In 2009, Tennessee opened the doors for moonshine distilleries to set up shop, allowing residents and tourists alike to add a little bit of ‘shine to their days. If you’re visiting Pigeon Forge, you don’t have to go far to get a taste of this truly delightful drink. Just set your sights on these four local distilleries and then go on a moonshine-tasting extravaganza as you see fit.

Old Forge Distillery

Photo Credit by @oldforgedistillery on Instagram

When nothing else will do but moonshine in every color of the rainbow, Old Forge Distillery is the place to go in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Their product line starts with their ultra-clear 1830 Originals at 100 proof. On top of that, they have 60-proof flavored varieties, ranging from Amaretto and Apple Pie to Vanilla Bean and Wild Cherry. Moonshine Cherries, Cream Liquors, and Bourbon Whiskey round out their offerings beautifully.

With over 27 moonshine flavors available, it’s nearly impossible to choose your favorites right off the bat. Thankfully, you can come in for up to 10 free moonshine samples, just as long as you’re able to choose between all their flavors. You can also add tastings of their Blended Bourbon Whiskey and Harvest Gin for an extra charge.

All the while, you’re welcome to watch their distillery operations in action from the tasting room. If you have any questions about each variety, fire away and their friendly crew will deliver all the answers with quickness. Once you have an idea of what varieties you prefer, sidle up to the cocktail bar and take your tasting experience to the next level. Their talented bartenders can whip up any cocktail imaginable, including Manhattans, margaritas, and martinis.

Junction 35 Spirits 

At Junction 35 Spirits, they’re an equal opportunity distillery, creating everything from rum to vodka. Available in 10 distinct flavors, their moonshine is much more than just a novelty, however. Their team puts their all into creating a premium liquor that gives a nod to the heyday of moonshining. Then, they take their classic clear variety and kick it up a notch with fun flavors, like Apple Pie, Sour Gummy Worm, and Watermelon.

To get a free taste of all their moonshine flavors, simply start your visit with an exceptional meal. Their kitchen staff serves up home-cooked delights galore, including Tennessee Poutine, Bacon Cheddar Burgers, and Salmon Orleans. After getting your fill, waltz over to the other side of the distillery and request your samples. Their bartender will pour each one while telling you all about how they’re made right in-house.

After that, you can go over to their store and buy a couple of bottles of whatever liquor you like most. They also have branded swag for sale, so you can share your love of their distillery wherever your Pigeon Forge adventures take you.

Ole Smoky Moonshine

green jars of moonshine for sale

Is there a more iconic duo than moonshine and country music? If your answer is no, get your fill with a visit to Ole Smoky Moonshine in Pigeon Forge. Although their official tasting experience is currently on hold, you can still buy whatever varieties speak to you the most.

Lovingly dubbed ‘The Barn,’ this famous distillery gives you space to kick back and relax while enjoying all the most imaginative moonshine flavors. Butter Pecan, Peppermint, Hunch Punch Lightnin’, Sour Apple, and so much more are all on tap for your pure enjoyment.

Want to jazz up your visit even more? Treat yourself to their incredible moonshine-soaked cherries, pineapples, and mandarins. If you’d like to go even deeper into the world of wild and crazy flavors, you cannot miss the chance to savor their regular and hot and spicy moonshine pickles. While you might start that journey noshing on the goodies inside, you’ll soon enough find yourself picking up the jar and sipping on the flavorful spirits inside.

As you sip the day away, local musicians will keep the air filled with delightful tunes of all kinds. On any given day, you have a chance to see Corey Zink & Company, Firewater Junction, Dreamcatcher, and many other talented musicians play their hits for the crowd. If you prefer a quieter experience, just stay inside and enjoy the chill ambiance in their tasting room.

Tennessee Shine Company

Despite the name, the Tennessee Shine Company is about more than just moonshine alone. They have whiskey, flavored wines, and everything in between, all awaiting your arrival. If you have your heart set on moonshine, however, they definitely won’t let you down.

In honor of their family traditions, this shop creates all the best moonshine flavors, including Jalapeno Cornbread, Cotton Candy, and Pina Colada. For a truly interesting experience, you definitely have to try their Cream Shine flavors as well. Apple Pie, Strawberry, and Banana flavors promise to tantalize your tastebuds with every sip.

Like many of the other joints, they also offer their tastings for free. All you have to do is sidle up to the counter and let them know what flavor you’d like to sample. Their friendly staff will provide all the info you need about each variety as you sip on your selections. If you’re not sure just what to try, let them know and they’ll point you in the right direction. Once you’re done sampling their top varieties, bring it all together by grabbing a jar (or two!) of your favorites.

In addition to jazzing up your day, moonshine makes a great gift for your friends and family in Tennessee. So, don’t hesitate to grab a few jars and gift them with a smile as you visit all your loved ones in the state. Just remember to avoid taking the ‘shine across state lines because it’s not yet legal all across the nation.