Beat the Winter Blues at These Pigeon Forge Attractions

Summer may be your favorite season in the Smoky Mountains, but that doesn’t mean that the fun needs to end when the weather grows cold. With winter comes a whole new world of opportunity, including these Pigeon Forge activities:

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas

The bluegrass spirit takes over during Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas, which delivers a spectacular combination of toe-tapping music, beautiful displays, and of course, the wholesome atmosphere that always permeates this beloved theme park. Family-friendly entertainment abounds during the holiday season, when talented singers, dancers, and actors light up the stage and receive thunderous applause. Attend one show or several — each offers something unique to love.

Even just walking outside is fun during Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas. The park is always gorgeous, but it becomes that much more visually appealing in November and December when over five million twinkling lights dazzle the eye. These span the entire park, so there is always something exciting to see. From traditional red and green to Arctic blue, a variety of color schemes keep the lighting displays looking fresh.

Dolly Parton’s Stampede

Another wonderful offering made possible by the great Dolly Parton, this dinner show adds a hearty meal to the big-hearted entertainment that makes Dollywood’s shows so special. While this theatrical wonder is worth taking on during any time of the year, it’s even better during the holiday season. The fun begins the moment you enter the arena, where you’ll observe poinsettias, evergreens, and of course, lovely lighting displays.

The decor is magnificent, but that’s only the beginning. As the show starts, you’ll quickly get invested in the theme: elves from both the North and South Poles duking it out. The production also includes a sighting of the Sugar Plum Fairy and a dramatic portrayal of the Nativity Scene featuring shepherds with their flock and even kings atop live camels. Throughout the show, you’ll be reminded of the reason for the season.

Winterfest at The Island

As a top shopping, dining, and entertainment destination in Pigeon Forge, The Island can be counted on for a good time, no matter the season. In the winter, this destination achieves a unique ambiance with help from sparkling lights, live music, and fireworks. This is your opportunity to relax with a little retail therapy or enjoy some discreet people watching from the lovely vantage point of Market Street.

Don’t forget to check out the show fountain, where you’ll delight in the state-of-the-art spectacle that includes an impressive visual display and catchy music. You’ll also adore the massive Christmas tree, which instantly stands out with its hundreds of thousands of lights and tens of thousands of ornaments.

Titanic Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge’s Titanic Museum gets all gussied up for the holidays with decorations that reflect what Christmas was like over a century ago. The ship’s Edwardian style gives it a classy, yet comfortable feel. From towering trees to gorgeous garlands, every detail is meant to convey the grandeur of the Titanic and the other luxury ships of the era.

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to pay homage to all the lives lost during the sinking of the Titanic. The museum strikes the perfect balance between respectful and celebratory. You’ll feel cheered by the Christmas spirit present throughout the attraction, but also, determined to honor those who sailed the Titanic in 1914. This unique atmosphere continues even after the holidays when the museum returns to its usual decor but is still worth a visit.

Outdoor Gravity Park

Not all of Pigeon Forge’s winter activities are holiday-oriented. Outdoor Gravity Park, for example, allows you to get your thrill on even after you’ve taken down your tree. As the nation’s only zorbing destination, this attraction delivers a lot of excitement in the form of a giant orb. Thrill-seekers are invited to take on steep hills within one of the park’s balls, which, in the summer, are favored for their refreshing inclusion of cold water.

The fun of zorbing remains available in the winter, when the activity either includes 90-degree water or a unique dry version. Several exciting tracks are available, including options for both solo and small group adventures. Sledding just won’t cut it after you’ve taken on this unique experience.

Pigeon Forge Snow

If you like the idea of tubing but don’t feel like facing the wind or cold temperatures, don’t worry: you can enjoy the best of both worlds at Pigeon Forge Snow. This indoor attraction allows you to experience one of your favorite winter activities without worrying about the usual weather-based inconveniences. The vast hillside dedicated to tubing includes snow made from real water.  Each journey will have your heart racing.

When you aren’t speeding down the hills at this destination, you’ll enjoy reliving the best of your childhood winter fun as you build snowmen or forts. The play area is a top spot for visitors of all ages, who appreciate how easy the snow is to manipulate — even as compared to the flakes that naturally fall outside. Take your time to experience the best of snow while you enjoy the novelty of a winter wonderland with temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

Who says that roller coaster fun has to end when cold weather arrives? The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster remains a delight throughout the year, even operating when a thick blanket of snow covers the forest floor. If anything, snow makes each ride on the coaster feel a bit more magical.

Dress warm, as you’ll be out in the elements for a good chunk of time — as the longest alpine coaster in the United States, this ride boasts a track spanning over one mile long. Typically, this means between seven and eight minutes of fun, although, of course, many people try multiple rides in a single visit.

This year, stop dreading winter and instead, embrace all the opportunities it provides. You’ll be amazed by how quickly the right activities can transform your mindset and your appreciation for the wonderful town of Pigeon Forge.