The 4 Best Dinner Shows in Pigeon Forge

Fun activities abound in Pigeon Forge, but sometimes, all you want is a good meal and a little entertainment. You’ll find both when you attend a dinner show, which combines on-stage antics with friendly service and delicious entrees. Whether you hit the town for date night or with the entire family, you’re bound to make special memories as you observe the talent of the Smoky Mountains. Celebrate Pigeon Forge’s musical heritage and culinary excellence by attending one of these spectacular dinner shows:

Dolly Parton’s Stampede

A dinner show like no other, Dolly Parton’s Stampede somehow manages to bring family vibes to the weighty topic of the Civil War, all while pitting the North and South against one another in a surprisingly friendly rivalry. Not all visitors regard the show as entirely politically correct, but efforts have clearly been made to keep the tone as fun and positive as possible. Hence, the use of gray and blue flags and the removal of the term ‘Dixie’ from the show’s official name.

The fun begins with an entertaining pre-show featuring the best of local bluegrass music. Next up: well over an hour of rodeo-style acts to be enjoyed as you also strap in for a hearty meal. Featuring a little of everything, the show includes comedy, dancing, trick riding, and more. Options abound for audience participation, so don’t be afraid to jump in and have your voice heard. Otherwise, you’re welcome to sit back and make the most of your four-course meal, which includes vegetable soup, barbecue pork, rotisserie chicken, and more. Alternate menus are available for vegetarians and gluten-free visitors.

Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show

Sail the seas in style at the Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show, which mimics the general format of Dolly Parton’s Stampede but adds plenty of swashbuckling fun. If you visit with kids, don’t hesitate to arrive early for a pirate or mermaid makeover, which will help young visitors feel like they’re an integral part of the show. Audience participation is a big deal throughout the production, with young guests especially enjoying high fives and fist bumps from the friendly cast members. Adults are also encouraged to get in on the action.

As with Dolly Parton’s Stampede, the storyline for the Pirates Voyage can sometimes be challenging to follow. Thankfully, the show remains highly entertaining even if it comes across as a series of gags and tricks. Corny punchlines abound, as do outlandish costumes and props. The whimsical nature of this show makes it impossible to forget.

The multiple-course meal served during this delightful show is sure to satisfy. Throughout the production, you will receive several dishes worth sampling, including pork chops, pan-fried chicken, and even a peach turnover. As with many dinner shows in Pigeon Forge, alternate options are available for those looking to limit their meat or gluten intake.

Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show

Dining or laughing, you’re bound to bust a gut at the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show. Also known as the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud, this hilarious show puts the fun in dysfunctional. The best of Appalachia is consistently on display during this production, which doesn’t shy away from hillbilly jokes. Best described as tastefully tacky, the show includes plenty of singing, dancing, over-the-top humor, and even water tricks. Alcoholic beverages are available, so don’t hesitate to knock back a drink or two during the show; it’ll only make the jokes funnier.

No matter if you side with Hatfield or McCoy, you can agree with the entire cast and crowd that the food is delicious. Eat your fill of Southern-style cooking. Favorites include fried chicken, mashed potatoes, creamy soup, corn on the cob, and a delectable dessert. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meals are available upon request. If you can’t get enough of the food, you’re welcome to order the show’s signature soup mix online and have it delivered to your home, where you can enjoy it as you reminisce on a wonderful night out.

Soul of Motown

Held at The Grand Majestic Dinner Theater, the Soul of Motown brings the distinct vocal stylings of Detroit to Pigeon Forge. Impressive singing and dance moves will delight you throughout the course of the show, which will have you tapping your toes to top hits from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, and The Temptations, among others. High energy is on display throughout the show — and it’s extremely infectious. Feel free to sing along to the hits or even stand up and dance — audience participation is always encouraged.

Photo Credit: @sheezyfilms

The food differs somewhat from that of other dinner shows in Pigeon Forge, as it is not an integral part of the experience. At the Grand Majestic, it’s possible to enjoy a show but eat dinner elsewhere. That being said, it’s worth stopping in early for dinner if you’re famished.

Another key difference between the Soul of Motown and similar dinner shows in Pigeon Forge is the dinner at the Soul of Motown is served buffet-style, rather than as a four-course meal. This buffet approach appeals greatly to hungry visitors, who are welcome to eat their fill of meatloaf, roasted turkey, chicken tenders, pasta, homemade stuffing, and more. Beverage choices include soft drinks, coffee, and iced tea. Additionally, an impressive selection of domestic and imported beers are available.

Whether your idea of the perfect show includes Motown music, pirate antics, or good old-fashioned hillbilly fun, you’ll have a blast as you take in the talent of Pigeon Forge. Set aside a special evening to hit up one of the area’s best dinner theaters. You’ll emerge with a full belly and memories to last a lifetime.