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Tennessee Cider Company

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Tennessee Cider Company – Gatlinburg Cidery Located in Bustling Commercial District
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Tennessee Cider Company is a fantastic local cidery that offers delicious, freshly-brewed ciders by the case and by the pour. Go here for their free tastings and make sure to grab a case to enjoy later in the evening.  

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Located in downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee Cider Company offers an inviting atmosphere in which you can taste their freshly brewed ciders. Forget the breweries and wineries, this is a premier cidery with premier ciders on tap.

Tennesse Cider Company was, in fact, the very first cidery to open its doors in Gatlinburg. The idea behind this business was to offer fresh ciders crafted by locals within a very locals-vibed location. The owners and founders wanted to build an alternative to breweries and their taprooms, offering instead fresh and delicious fruit-based alcoholic drinks.

You will find the tasting room for Tennessee Cider Company located snug between the main throughway of US 441 and the bustling River Road that runs alongside Cliff Branch Creek. The primary business entrance is on that bigger throughway, and you’ll find their front facade right next to Ripley’s Mirror Maze. During the warmer seasons, they leave their large doors open so that guests walk right into their large taproom.

And that taproom is quite large. You will walk up a short flight of stairs when you enter Tennessee Cider Company. Right in front of you, in the middle of an open lobby, you will usually see containers full of fresh apples that are examples of the very fruit that has been crushed, fermented, and ultimately transformed into the delicious ciders you’re about to enjoy. Once in the lobby, you’ll find that this business has more interior space than meets that first glance. The room wraps around to the back, where you can actually see some of the large vats Tennessee Cider Company uses to ferment and brew their ciders.

While this is a tasting room, and that often denotes a place where you want to linger and sip, there are not a lot of places to sit here. You won’t find any tables or barstools, but you will find a wonderful wraparound bar at which guests are encouraged to order and try a number of ciders this company has on draft. Should you find something exceptionally yummy, you’ll find all of their available wall space in the lobby dedicated to cider displays that are for sale, as well as some branded merchandise to sport.

We’re sure that part of the reason why this busy cidery doesn’t offer a lot of lounging spaces is because they do offer free pours. That’s right, not just a tasting room, a free tasting room. Completely free tastings are available for up to three hard ciders of those that they have ready on tap. If you find yourself wanting to try a few more, then you can upgrade to their VIP tasting menu. The VIP tasting is just $5 and allows customers to try any and all of the hard ciders they have available on tap. Not too bad of a deal! Once you find what you love, be sure to support them by grabbing a ready-to-go case for enjoyment back at your vacation lodgings.

Some of the most popular ciders you’ll have to choose from at Tennesee Cider Company include:

Hibiscus Hard Cider
This is a floral cider that is similar to a Moscato wine but with a fruitier finish. The Hibiscus Hard Cider is an excellent choice for those who want a summery drink that’s just the right touch of sweetness.

Peach Hard Cider
The Peach Hard Cider is one of the flagship ciders at this cidery and for good reason. This drink features true peach flavors from tree-ripened southern peaches. It’s light, flavorful, and has an almost addicting finish. If you’re not sure what to get when you step up to the bar at Tennessee Cider Company, then we absolutely recommend this one.

Insider Tips:
-This cidery is located on a very bustling retail stretch with, unfortunately, not the best parking. Or at least free parking. You’ll find two paid parking lots a few blocks west of the cidery. One is smaller but cheaper, accessible by River Road, or a larger parking lot run by the convention center that is accessible on both the highway side and River Road. If you can find it, parking along River Road is free.
-If you find yourself a bit peckish after your tasty ciders, make sure to check out New York Pizza & Pasta just around the corner. This location has that deliciously gooey, cheesy, snap-it thin crust that New York-style pizza is all about. You can order by the slice or by the pie.