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Smoky Mountain Leather

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Smoky Mountain Leather - Handcrafted and High-Quality Leather Goods
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Smoky Mountain Leather sells handcrafted leather goods that are of the highest quality. Stop by to see the vast selection of pieces available, or speak with one of the craftspeople about getting a custom item.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Smoky Mountain Leather manufactures a wide variety of handcrafted leather goods, and everything is made of the highest quality. Everything here is beautifully designed and made to last for a very long time.

The products that Smoky Mountain Leather manufactures span the range from common (but exquisitely designed) belts, purses and wallets to more unique hats, sheaths and holsters. There also are phone cases and many other accessories, and you’re bound to find something that’s a must-have among the vast selection.

In addition to what you see on the wall, you’re also welcome to place a custom order. A wide range of hides, stains and patterning tools make it possible for the team here to create almost anything you can come up with.

Everything here is made to the highest standards, but it’s not just the crafters’ commitment to careful work that ensures these leather goods can last such a long time. The business only purchases from the most respected U.S.-based tanneries, and the facility is outfitted with a range of industry-leading tools to help make each of these items. Skilled workers, top-end hides and excellent equipment all are necessary to manufacture pieces with the level of quality you’ll find here.

Leather goods made by Smoky Mountain Leather can be found all over the world, and the company has many happy customers. Pay a visit to the store, and you’re bound to find something that you’ll get years of use out of.

A few of our favorite items at Smoky Mountain Leather include:

An array of belts on the wall come in many colors and designs, and they’ll last much longer than pleather belts found in many national chain stores. Choose whichever one you like, and one of the leather workers will cut it to size for you.

What woman couldn’t use another purse? A wide selection ensures you can find one that’s perfect for your style and will serve as a statement accessory with any matching outfit.

Hats may not be worn as frequently now as they once were, but the right hat can still perfectly complete an outfit. See whether any strike your fancy, and wear it on your next vacation outing.

Old-fashioned leather toys are very different from the noise-makers that are popular today, and their subdued nature makes these leather toys great for kids. Few kids will have something similar already in their toy chest, and the toy itself will encourage more imaginative and interactive play.

Yes, rugs can be made out of leather. While not suitable for every decor, a leather rug will add quite the ambiance to a rustic cottage or cabin.

Insider Tip: 
A leather good of this quality is an investment that can last a lifetime and longer if properly cared for. Ask one of the craftspeople how to properly care for what you purchase, and you’ll likely never have to replace it if you follow their directions.