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Ripley’s Super Fun Zone

Enter A World of Games and Thrills at Ripley's Super Fun Zone
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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3 / 5
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Come to Ripley’s Super Fun Zone and step back four decades -- yes it’s been four decades -- to the 1980s. With classic games form the era, Ripley’s Super Fun Zone is a place where the whole family can have a blast -- while blasting min golf balls, video game monsters or each other in a game of laser tag.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Ripley’s Super Fun Zone takes you back to the classic 1980s — and yes, the ‘80s are now classic. With video and non-video games from the era, this is the perfect place to take the family for some fun and to share a slice of what entertainment was like in the past.

The games at Ripley’s Super Fun Zone span a wide range of entertainment that was found back in the 1980s (and still popular afterward). Video games include Ms. Pac Man, Space Invaders and plenty of others that parents had mastered back in the day. Some of the other options are skee ball, mini golf and, an ultimate favorite, laser tag.

In addition to classic games, the arcade has a sizeable souvenir shop where goods can be purchased with tickets and/or cash (or a card). The prize trinkets are fairly high-quality for an arcade collection, and all of the goods are fairly priced considering what you must do to win tickets. Snacks are also available at a fair price here.

As a high-quality arcade focused on the 1980s, Ripley’s Super Fun Zone promises a good time for everyone in the group. It takes you back to a time before smartphones and app-based games, showing today’s kids what it was like to have fun 40 years ago.

A few of our favorite highlights from Ripley’s Super Fun Zone include:

Self-Serve Candy
Two rows of self-serve candy dispensers line the entry (and exit) to the arcade. Their location makes these a can’t-miss feature, and it’s one you surely won’t want to. Grab a bag or several, and fill them up with your favorites. All of the candies are pierced by the pound.

Laser Tag
What could be more fun than safely shooting lasers at your closest family and friends? Suit up and zap each other in a game that’s a blast. You can always make up later over something that’s a little less competitive.

Mini Golf
A more tame but equally fun family game, mini-golf remains a mainstay attraction to this day. There’s a reason why the game endured so long. Go head-to-head playing by the rules, or just have fun trying to chase your ball into the hole. Kids especially love the latter version.

Ms. Pac Man
One of the most well-known video games of all time, Ms. Pack Man has a long legacy but is hard to find today. Test your old skills to see if you still have what it takes to chase those ghosts.

Skee Ball
Another classic, Skee Ball is a truly unique game that everyone can play. Roll your ball down to those little holes, and see how high you’re able to score.

Insider Tips: 
If the shop is out of something that you want to purchase with tickets, ask the staff to check the inventory room for an extra that’s been forgotten. They’re known to go look in the room upon request, and the room is right upstairs.