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Ogle’s Broom Shop

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Ogle’s Broom Shop - Handmade Brooms and Carved Walking Sticks
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Ogle’s Broom Shop has been known throughout the Smoky Mountains for its high-quality and natural brooms since the 1920s. You’ll find a wide variety of handmade brooms in many different styles, along with intricately carved walking sticks and canes.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Ogle’s Broom Shop has been offering some of the finest handmade brooms in the Smoky Mountains since the 1920s. Third-generation broom maker David Ogle has been making brooms since age 13, and he and his wife Tammie always have an array of beautiful sweepers and other natural wood carvings available.

The brooms at Ogle’s Broom Shop are made from natural materials like those that David’s great-uncle could originally source when he opened the shop. There are dozens of different styles, with no less than 10 different wood options alone. Honeysuckle, maple, walnut, yellow pine and cedar are just some of the more common woods used, and these are paired with natural broomcorn just as broom makers have been doing for decades. The handles themselves can be straight and plain, or they can feature intricate carvings and gnarly, wandering features.

In addition to brooms, David and Tammie also make hiking sticks and wood canes. Choose from the available carvings, or ask them for a custom design of your choosing.

Whether you already have a broom collection or just appreciate a nice-looking sweeper, Ogle’s Broom Shop is worth a visit. David and Tammie are both regularly in the shop when it’s open, and they’re happy to talk about how brooms become pieces of art. Peruse the selection as you visit with them, and at least one broom will surely catch your eye.

A few of our favorite items at Ogle’s Broom Shop include:

Honeysuckle Broom
A Honeysuckle Broom wraps the honeysuckle up the broom handle in a spiral pattern. The honeysuckle can be used on its own, or it can be paired with a contrasting wood for a striking effect. Either way, this broom always has a unique and interesting handle.

Straight Handle Broom
A Straight Handle Broom is a plain broom and therefore, one of the most affordable sweepers in the store. The broom is still fully handmade and has a vintage look, though, making it a beautiful alternative to a mass-produced plastic model.

Carved Walking Stick
If you’re a hiker, a Carved Walking Stick ensures you always have extra support and a friend who will go on the journey with you. Choose from a woodland animal, gnome-like face or any number of other features, and your friend will always follow alongside on the handle of the stick.

Antique Tobacco Walking Stick
A true classic, a walking stick made from antique tobacco wood is becoming more and more rare. David and Tammie have a selection of antique tobacco wood available for making such distinctive walking sticks.

Wood Cane
Aging and need to use a cane? Forgo the ugly metal ones made today, and opt for a classy wood one instead. Choose your preferred wood, and David and Tammie can make one to suit your height.

Insider Tips: 
Sometimes, David and Tammie don’t have any walking sticks or canes currently available. If they don’t and you really want one, let them know what you’re looking for and they’ll make up a couple to choose from. It takes a day for them to have walking sticks or canes ready.