Gatlinburg Axe House

Come Join The Fun at Gatlinburg Axe House
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5.0 / 5
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Visit this unique attraction that provides a fun and safe family activity in the heart of the smokes in beautiful downtown Gatlinburg, TN when you visit the Gatlinburg Axe House. Even if you know nothing about the sport of axe throwing, you will still have fun hurling the hatchet down the lane and hitting the target! 

- The Local Expert Team

Gatlinburg Axe House is a privately owned establishment built for one reason and one reason alone—the owners love the sport of axe throwing. In fact, since 2019, the owner of this location, in beautiful Gatlinburg, TN has competed in axe throwing competitions worldwide, some of which was aired on ESPN. The owners loved the sport so much that they opened the Gatlinburg Axe House to share this experience, and now it’s available for visitors and locals alike in the Gatlinburg area.

The main point and goal at Gatlinburg Axe House, other than having a great time, of course, is to hurl hatchets at the target, hitting the bull’s eye! This one-of-a-kind experience is a great way to spend some time on vacation, especially if the weather is nasty, or it’s extremely hot or cold as the facilities are all indoor and climate controlled. The location offers discounts for large parties as well, which makes this an excellent go-to experience to try for birthday pirates, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, church groups, and more.

Gatlinburg Axe House decorates for all holidays, so no matter when you come to visit, the decor, even the target designs, will match the season and make the experience that much more special. This can even include some hand-painted, themed targets that make hurling the axe that much more fun. There are also some black light events you can take advantage of if you like that vibe.

Located conveniently in downtown Gatlinburg, situated above the Chocolate Monkey, a visit to the Gatlinburg Axe House puts you in close proximity to several great restaurants and stores located all down the strip. This location in the heart of the smokies ensures that you have fun while keeping you safe. Alcohol and other intoxicants are not allowed on location due to the nature of the activity. All safety measures are always enforced to ensure the experience is safe for all involved.

If you have never before tried the sport of axe throwing, you will be happy to learn that at this establishment, you get help from WALT-trained throwing coaches. After arriving at the facility, your coach will provide a five-minute training session on how to properly and safely throw an axe. Once this is over, you are free to hurl away. However, keep in mind that your coach will still be around and more than willing to help you with additional tips and techniques if you so desire.

WALT in case you are unfamiliar with the acronym stands for World Axe Throwing League. The WALT coaches at the Gatlinburg Axe House have been expertly trained in indoor urban axe throwing. Consequently, you will be taught the standardized rules and regulations for the sport as well as techniques and tips by those who know and love the sport the most.

Ages 4 to 85 are welcome to participate in axe throwing at Gatlinburg Axe House. The number of lanes you will need will vary based on the size of your group. As an added bonus, you can even bring your animal, providing you supervise them while they are in the facility at all times. You will need to make reservations and deposits for larger groups in some cases.

Upon arrival, you will be expected to sign a waiver. Then, you will proceed to the safety explanation and coaching element of your session. After this, you will be allowed to go ahead and begin having a great day throwing axes! Whether you are an axe-throwing specialist or you have never before tried to throw an axe in your life, you are sure to have fun with this unique and interesting family-friendly activity. Don’t forget to check out the merchandise before leaving as you can take home a t-shirt or other item commemorating your visit and fun experience at Gatlinburg Axe House.

Insider Tips:
-Gatlinburg Axe House has seasonal hours, so it’s a good idea to call ahead before your visit to confirm availability.
-You don’t leave until you have hit the board, this is a 100% guarantee!
-Discounts are available for both military personnel and first responders.