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Ski Mountain Grind Haus

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Ski Mountain Grind Haus - Espresso Drinks and Pastries in Ober Gatlinburg
Written by: Vicky Reddish
Local Expert's Rating:
3 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Ski Mountain Grind Haus serves up basic espresso drinks, hot chocolate, hot tea, and a few pastries in a convenient location: the center of Ober Gatlinburg's Tramway Mall. Though you won't be blown away by the selection or the customer service, you'll find high-quality, comforting drinks and flavorful pastries that hit the spot every time. 

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Looking for a great latte before you step on the lift to enjoy Gatlinburg’s fresh powder? In the heart of the Ober Gatlinburg’s Tramway Mall, Ski Mountain Grind Haus serves up all your favorite espresso beverages–as well as cozy favorites like chai tea lattes and freshly-made hot chocolate. Though the menu isn’t extensive, it covers the bases.

Because Ski Mountain Grind Haus is located in the center of Tramway Mall, don’t expect a full coffee shop atmosphere; the walk-up style allows you to grab a quick coffee before heading off to enjoy the rest of Ober Gatlinburg’s offerings. Chalkboard-style menus, hand-lettered with the shop’s offerings, and the rustic wooden beams framing the location reinforce the welcoming ski lodge atmosphere. Overall, the impression is charmingly rustic; it invites you to step up and grab something cozy to enjoy.

You might find that customer service isn’t always up to the par you’d expect at a location like this, and sometimes it takes longer than it should for drinks to be prepared–but the accessibility of the location and quality of the drinks themselves make this a good choice despite those shortfalls.

Some of our menu favorites include… 

Ski Mountain Grind Haus uses Mosaic coffees in all their beverages, and Mosaic’s quality and rich flavor options are remarkably satisfying when paired with freshly-steamed milk in a handcrafted latte. Choose from an ample variety of flavors, from staples like vanilla and hazelnut to a few unexpected flavor options like toasted marshmallow, huckleberry, and pumpkin pie. Ski Mountain Grind Haus lattes are one of their most popular offerings, and they’re consistently good.

Chai Tea Lattes
Not every coffee shop makes a truly excellent chai tea latte–and, of course, opinions vary on which chai blends are best. But Ski Mountain Grind Haus earns rave reviews on their chai, which balances mellow spice and light sweetness in a warming, creamy latte that feels like sipping comfort.

Hot Chocolate
For the kids and those for whom coffee and tea just aren’t going to do the trick, there’s always hot chocolate. Ski Mountain Grind Haus steams the milk for their hot chocolate and serves it up in high style. Want a particularly special hot chocolate drink? Add a flavor shot like peppermint and you’ll have rich, chocolatey perfection on your hands–the perfect way to begin a day of exploring the slopes or shopping in Ober Gatlinburg’s shops.

Though you won’t find a huge array of pastries here, you will find a few great options, including a few different types of cookies, danish, and muffins. The baked goods here aren’t going to put any of the local bakeries out of business, but they’re a great choice if you just need a quick, easy snack to enjoy with your drink.

Ski Mountain Grind Haus is located in the center of Tramway Mall in Ober Gatlinburg, Gatlinburg’s premier amusement park/ski area. Tramway Mall is the spot where the aerial tram departs for the lifts, and it’s home to a deli, candy shop, and a few gift shops, as well–a perfect stop on your way to enjoying the rest of Ober Gatlinburg’s offerings.

Insider Tips: 
– In a rush to get on the tram? When Ski Mountain Grind Haus has a line at all, it can take several minutes to get your drink–don’t expect super-fast service here.
– Looking for a dairy-free drink? Ski Mountain Grind Haus doesn’t always have almond, oat, or other milk alternatives on hand.