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Gatlinburg Grind

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Gatlinburg Grind — Where to Day Your Day Off Right with a Tasty Cup of Joe
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Gatlinburg Grind, they see each cup of joe through from start to finish. They roast the beans, grind them up, and create whatever drink you’d like, including a simple, yet delicious pot of drip coffee. To top it all off, they serve tasty treats of all kinds plus make spectacular cakes to order.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Gatlinburg Grind serves as the perfect place to start your day before heading out for all your Smoky Mountain adventures. They expertly roast all the beans served in-house before grinding them up and creating your drinks to order. 

Their team whips up all the most popular espresso drinks imaginable plus offers drip coffee that boasts big flavor. They believe in always doing it right, no matter what they’re preparing. From selecting the proper grind size for each drink and using all the right equipment, they go above and beyond in handcrafting every cup of joe.

The coffeehouse experience doesn’t end there either. The baristas also make it their mission to serve the finest baked goods and other tasty treats to perfectly complement your coffee. They have everything from bagels and cream cheese to coffeecakes that’ll leave you begging for more. 

If all that is not enough, their team always strives to make everyone feel right at home in this tiny coffee shop. Although they do not have much floor space, they welcome all their guests in with open arms and treat everyone like family. 

Their top offerings include: 

Drip Coffee
Although it might seem mundane, the Drip Coffee promises to delight your tastebuds and kickstart your day. They grind up your beans to perfection, brew them at the ideal 205-degree Fahrenheit temperature, and then serve your cup piping hot. You can dress up each cup with cream and sugar as you wish, although drinking it black lets you savor all the robust coffee flavors. 

Specialty Drinks
Whether you want a simple, hot Americano or an iced mocha made with flair, you can get your fill right here. They are experts at handcrafting espresso drinks of all kinds. You just have to let them know what you want, and they will whip it up using all your preferred syrups. They even have cold brew if you prefer something a little more smooth yet more powerful.

Hot Chocolate Bar
Although coffee is their specialty, you have to try their hot chocolate bar at least once. They give you a cup of perfectly made hot chocolate and then let you go wild with the additions and toppings. You can add a metric ton of marshmallows or think outside the box with caramel drizzle. Don’t forget to pick up some of their hot chocolate bombs to recreate your experience right in the comfort of your own home. 

Need a cake for your wedding or other special events? You’re in luck! They can do that, too. Just be sure to put in your order well ahead of time, especially during the spring and summer seasons. You can let them know what you have in mind or let them dream up a design using your preferred elements. Just be prepared for an extra charge if you want a fresh fruit or floral display added to your cake.

Insider Tips: 
– The messages on the sandwich board out front are often good for a laugh, so take a peek before you waltz through the doors.
– They do not have any fondant available for their cakes, so you’ll have to go with a scrumptious buttercream or whipped cream frosting instead.
– Don’t miss out on their decadent and wholly beautiful hot chocolate bombs. You can order them on the website and pick them up instore anytime.
– Not sure where to turn in? Just look for the blinking light located right along Powdermill Road.