Your Gluten-Free Guide to Gatlinburg

If you want to go out to eat, but have to skip the wheat, you might find it difficult to pinpoint Gatlinburg restaurants that can accommodate that request. Although it’s rather rare to find ones with separate prep areas, many do have relatively gluten-free fare on their menus. To help you locate the ones that will serve you best, we’ve created this informative guide.

Here are seven awesome eateries to try:

Melting Pot

The Melting Pot Gatlinburg TN

When you eat at the Melting Pot, you don’t just get a meal, you get the ultimate dining experience. Depending on what you select, they will roll out the classic cheese or chocolate pots, tabletop grills, and other fondue cooking systems. They do not have a separate gluten-free menu, but they do mark their wheat-free fare with GF on the regular menu.

It’s best to call the restaurant ahead of time to make a reservation and let them know you will need to keep wheat out of the equation. Your server will use that information to help you build your ideal meal and enjoy the interactive experience to come.

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom makes it possible to enjoy savory pizza pies without the gluten. At this eatery, they take this task seriously. To keep the cross-contamination risk to a minimum, they maintain a separate prep area. Unfortunately, the risk is not zero since all their items are cooked in the same oven.

While looking at their menu, you will see the fully gluten-free offerings marked with GF. This designation lets you know that all the ingredients lack wheat. If you just want to minimize wheat and are not worried about the toppings, they will make any of their pizza recipes with a gluten-free crust. Upon receiving that request, they will build your selected pie using their 10” signature wheat-free crust.


Although you still have to skip the fried fare, Chesapeake’s serves up the tastiest seafood without any wheat in sight. They source their fish fillets, whole fish, and shellfish locally and cook it up using time-honored techniques.

All their gluten-free menu items are specially marked for your convenience. If you’re going with the fish fillets or shrimp, they can grill, broil, and bake your selections to perfection. They also have gluten-free buns available when only a po’boy will do. The vast majority of their sides are naturally free of gluten, including the succotash, bacon & cheddar grits, and baked cinnamon spice apples.

The Peddler Steakhouse

The Peddler Steakhouse makes it their mission to serve traditional homecooked meals in a chill setting. Their service is second to none as well, ensuring you always have an excellent meal. While they do not have a dedicated gluten-free menu, they do mark all their wheat-free items with GF.

You can safely go with the custom cut steaks, marinated chicken, or fresh rainbow trout. With the exception of a few wheat-based sides, most of their offerings are gluten-free. The steak fries, wild rice, and baked stuffed potato are all fan favorites. They also have a salad bar with a low risk of cross-contamination. You just have to avoid the croutons since all of the other fixings do not contain any wheat.

Cherokee Grill

The Cherokee Grill prides themselves on running a premier steakhouse with the finest cuts of meats and delicious sides galore. You’ll love the serene ambiance in their beautiful mountain lodge — and their dedication to making a zero-stress, gluten-free dining experience possible.

While browsing their regular menu, you’ll find that all the wheat-free items are clearly marked. You can enjoy everything from burgers on wheat-free buns to charbroiled shrimp served with Carolina herbed rice. If you’re unsure what to order, ask your server for clarification. They will talk you through the options and even bring out the allergens list.

J.O.E. and Pop’s

Although a gluten-free sub sandwich shop sounds too good to be true, J.O.E. and Pop’s makes it work. They are a great place to go whether you want to sit down and dine on your meal or take it on the run.

Their menu is clearly marked to show you which items lack wheat and are safe to eat. While you can’t get a classic sub sandwich, you can get all the flavors you love in a wrap or a bowl. They also have a handful of tasty sides that you might like, including crispy French fries, green beans, and potato chips.

The Park Grill

If you’re in the mood for all the flavors of the Great Smoky Mountains, The Park Grill can come through for you in a big way. They are a low-key, casual dining restaurant with a commitment to quality service and excellent homecooked meals.

All their gluten-free fare is marked on the main menu, giving you a good idea on what you can order. If you have any questions, however, their servers are happy to help you sort it out. Of all their wheat-free offerings, their award-winning ribs are an easy choice. Other popular items include the grilled shrimp, hickory grilled chicken, and pulled pork BBQ plate.

Although these restaurants make an effort to provide gluten-free alternatives, they do not have separate prep and cooking areas. Due to the shared space, equipment, and utensils, the risk of cross-contamination exists. For that reason, if you are extremely allergic to wheat, then it’s best to avoid eating out in favor of making your own gluten-free dishes at home.