Top Spots to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Gatlinburg, TN

Yet another year is coming to an end and you know what that means — It’s time to party it up and ring in the new year in style. But where can you go in Gatlinburg to have a great time as you count down the minutes? You actually have quite a few options to consider across this awesome city. To help you find the best one, here’s a look at the top spots to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Attend the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

Many people make the Gatlinburg New Year’s Eve Ball Drop an annual tradition whether they’re flying solo or out with friends, family, and neighbors. Now in its 33rd year running, this event puts the spotlight on the Space Needle, which stands tall covered in festive lights.

As everyone counts down to midnight, the iconic ball drops to the ground. Then, a fantastic firework show takes the scene to the next level. You can get a great view all along the Historic Nature Trail, though there’s plenty of other places to spot the grand finale, like the SkyBridge.

Get a Great View at the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park

The SkyBridge is one of the best places you can go to see the firework show at the Gatlinburg Space Needle. But if you want to kick back and relax while you enjoy the show, then the SkyDeck is a much better choice.

Either way, you’ll enjoy a fantastic view of the scenic landscape, which perfectly frames each burst of fireworks overhead. With your tickets, you get a pass to use the next day as well, so you can compare the view during the daytime and start the new year off right.

Take a Trip Around the Island

There’s never a bad time to plan a trip to the Island in Pigeon Forge. But New Year’s Eve is perhaps one of the best times to go. They plan a huge celebration each year, complete with live music, fireworks, and much more.

All the entertainment venues across their 23-acre campus get in on the fun, too. They offer great deals, special offers, and unique experiences that only happen once a year. They even host giveaways all night long to give you a chance to take home big prizes at the end of the night.

Go on a Quiet Cabin Getaway

If you prefer to take it easy at a home away from home, you can grab a cabin rental instead of going out for the evening. You have many excellent options to consider all around the Great Smoky Mountains.

You can even reserve your spot at the Dollywood cabins to get ready for a weekend full of fun and adventure. Wherever you end up, make sure to bring along your favorite snacks, drinks, and movies — or just plan to watch the Times Square Ball Drop on TV instead.

Chill at the Country Tonite Theater

Whenever you land at the Country Tonite Theater, you can trust that they will put on a show to remember. But on New Year’s Eve, they try to make it even more special. They usually put on a special rendition of their beloved Christmas show and go above and beyond in involving all their guests.

During your visit, you’ll also get sparkling cider, so you can participate in the toast. Plus, they’ll drop balloons from above as the clock strikes midnight while playing the iconic ‘Auld Lang Syne.’

Have a Sassy Good Time at Dick’s Last Resort

On New Year’s Eve, the crew at Dick’s Last Resort throws the doors open wide and invites everyone to partake in their festivities. The upper and lower levels of their heated patio fill up fast with those looking for great food, tons of fun, and a whole lot of sass.

They pile on all three, starting with the sass as they see which entrée you want. You can choose their awesome sirloin dinner, Asian salmon, or something altogether different if you’d like. At midnight, you get a glass of champagne for the toast and a clear view of the firework show.

Reserve a Spot at a Fine Dining Restaurant

If you’d like something a little more formal, you can make reservations at any of Gatlinburg’s fine dining restaurants, such as:

Many offer the full New Year’s Eve experience with multi-course dinners, one-of-a-kind desserts, and toasts. They may also have live music on tap to help set the stage for an amazing night.

If you grab dinner early enough, you can still catch the firework shows nearby or cozy up in your cabin for the rest of the night. The sky is the limit in planning how you want to spend this fantastic holiday.

Now that you have some ideas for your New Year’s Eve celebrations in Gatlinburg, put your favorite on the calendar because it’s coming up fast. Don’t forget to share your plans with your friends and family to see if anyone wants to join in on your festivities.