Gatlinburg Pancake Guide: Where to Get the Tastiest Flapjacks in the Smokies

Breakfast is a big deal in Gatlinburg. What better way to get the perfect Smoky Mountain adventure off to a solid start than with a hearty meal?

Omelets and skillets satisfy many visitors, but nothing quite compares to a stack of piping hot pancakes. These are in abundant supply at several of Gatlinburg’s top breakfast spots, so feel free to check out these local favorites:

Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp

Known as griddle cakes, the tasty pancakes at Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp are thick enough to form a decidedly filling breakfast. They are also generously topped, with options available to suit every type of visitor. Try these cakes with pecans, blueberries, or wild berry compote. If you’re feeling adventurous, top them with candied apple and white raisins.

Another great option? Crockett’s buckwheat pancakes, which are made with a unique granola batter and filled with sliced bananas. Add a strawberry compote topping plus chopped pecan, and you have the makings of a well-rounded breakfast that can fuel any Gatlinburg expedition.

Pancake Pantry Gatlinburg

With a name like the Pancake Pantry, there is no need to try any other breakfast item at this quintessential Gatlinburg establishment. The restaurant is tough to miss when you’re strolling the Parkway, as it boasts a distinctive gabled roof. The real appeal lies inside, however, as that’s where you’ll be greeted by wonderful scents and even better flavors.

The vast menu includes a wide array of memorable pancakes. These range from classic silver dollars and buckwheat cakes to more adventurous items such as sweet potato pancakes. Crepes and blintzes are also available, with ingredients such as dried apricots, Swedish lingonberries, and apple cider compote giving them an extra punch.

Little House of Pancakes

When quantity is as important as quality, Gatlinburg’s Little House of Pancakes is sure to please. Known for serving all-you-can-eat pancakes, this Parkway favorite is a must-visit for anyone who takes breakfast seriously. Stop by when you’re ravenously hungry — you’ll be treated to more pancakes than you could possibly scarf down.

The pancakes served here aren’t always innovative, but they’re so delicious that there’s no need for a culinary adventure. Yes, toppings are available, but with the all-you-can-eat approach, a simple pat of butter and drizzle of syrup will do. If you want a little variety, feel free to combine the signature pancakes with country ham or bacon.

Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin

This local chain boasts several locations in Gatlinburg, as well as restaurants in nearby Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Kodak. No matter which ‘cabin’ you visit, you’ll be pleased by the unique selection. If you want something a little out of the ordinary, try the cinnamon-swirled Sticky Bun Pancakes or the indulgent chocolate chip pancakes with crumbled Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Pancakes are great on their own, but they can also be served alongside the many omelets, skillets, and other egg platters offered here. Kids can get in on the action by ordering adorable bear-inspired pancakes that include a chocolate smile and chocolate chip eyes. Visitors of all ages will find it easy to fill up on hearty pancakes that encourage even the most dedicated night owl to get out of bed.

Atrium Pancakes

Open 364 days per year, this down-home favorite is nearly always available to serve tasty pancakes. The signature flapjacks can be enjoyed as part of the restaurant’s beloved specials. Depending on your preferences, your pancakes may be served alongside eggs, ribeye, homefries, or country ham.

Atrium’s specials are bound to please when you want variety, but what if you want to focus exclusively on pancakes? You can always opt for a three-pancake order. Specialties include buttermilk, chocolate chip, banana nut, and even bacon. By far the best option, however, is the famous apple pancake. This oven-baked delicacy includes fresh apples and brown sugar. Served with wonderful apple syrup, it’s the perfect option for an autumn morning — but it’s also sure to please during any season.

Log Cabin Pancake House

If you’ve caught on to the theme yet, you’ll notice that many of Gatlinburg’s top pancake destinations are marked by rustic, down-home names. Such is the case for the Log Cabin Pancake House, which has been a local staple since 1976. Like most Gatlinburg breakfast joints, this cabin-inspired destination has a welcoming atmosphere that’s almost as appealing as its morning-oriented comfort food.

Passing on the omelets or biscuits may be tough, but it’ll all feel worth it when you set your sights on Log Cabin’s “special treat” pancake menu. These breakfasts come with four cakes each, although you can score up to fifteen if your order the silver dollar pancakes. Otherwise, you’ll want to sample recipes that include butterscotch chips, black walnuts, or crushed pineapple.

Call them pancakes, griddle cakes, or flapjacks — no matter the name, the stacks of cakes served in Gatlinburg are legendary. See for yourself why, in the Smokies, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.