What is the Weather Like at Dollywood?

Although Dollywood never fails to delight, the weather can negatively impact your experience if you’re not prepared for whatever’s on its way. Whether it’s high temperatures, rainy days, or even a cold snap, knowing just what to expect can help you enjoy your adventures to the fullest. Fortunately, we’re here to make it easy to prepare for all weather conditions and have fun at the park through every season. Here’s what you need to know.

Season by Season Dollywood Weather Outlook

Dollywood opens its amusement park in mid-March and keeps things going through early January. Their Splash Country waterpark, on the other hand, opens May 15th and stays running through September 6th.
As a result, you can visit at least one of the parks during any of the four seasons. Unlike many other areas across the country, Pigeon Forge definitely experiences distinct weather systems in each season. So, you’ll need to pack differently for each visit, depending on when you plan to come by.


On average, you can expect springtime temperatures to hover between 43 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit. In March, the daytime temperatures usually hit around the mid-60s and it’s often rainy. So, bring a light jacket and umbrella, but don’t forget the sunscreen either.
In April and May, you can expect temps to rise to around the mid-70s, but it’ll likely still rain just as much. Keep the umbrella and rain jacket on hand, but make sure to bring lots of shorts, too.


Pigeon Forge is absolutely gorgeous in the summer months with average temperatures ranging from 68 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. More often than not, June temps remain in the mid-80s, making the Dollywood souvenir cup a great buy. You can then get free icy refills at every visit to stay cool and comfortable as you enjoy the park.
In July and August, the temperatures creep evermore toward 90 degrees. Slathering on the sunscreen every hour or two is a must as is getting your tickets to Splash Country. Across all the summer months, you can benefit from packing shorts, tank tops, swim attire, wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses for everyone in your group.


For a much cooler Dollywood experience, the Fall is a fantastic time to go as the average temps drop to around 45 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. September is still a bit spicy with temps in the low-80s, but the cloud cover tempers the heat quite a bit. Although not as hot, overcast days are still quite bright, so be sure to keep up on the sun protection.
In October and November, you can say goodbye to the high temps in favor of weather in the high-60 degree range. It doesn’t rain quite as often as in the spring, but sudden downpours and thundershowers are more common. If the impromptu rainfall impacts your park experience, you can ask for a raincheck and get tickets for another day if you wish.


Although temps turn a rather chilly 44 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, Smoky Mountain Christmas is well worth the visit. All through December, you can expect temperatures to sit in the mid-50s with plenty of foggy mornings and chances of snow.
Just plan to bundle up a bit and you’ll be fine as you explore the magic of Dollywood in the wintertime. Skip the trip if the temperatures drop to well under 40 degrees because the park tends to shut down their rides as freezing weather arrives.
Whenever you decide to take a trip to Dollywood, take a long hard look at the weather forecast to see what lies ahead. Both parks offer an amazing experience all throughout the year, so it’s well worth taking the extra time to get properly geared up for your adventures.

Dollywood Weather Guidelines and Policies

Rain or shine, the show must go on at Dollywood. That said, if you find rainy day visits less than agreeable, you can tap out without losing out on admission. Just stop by the Groups Booth to let them know that you’re headed out due to the rain and they’ll give you a rain check that covers admission on a later date.
You’re more than welcome to wait out the rain showers, however, by visiting the many shops and restaurants in the park. Although they might not be as enjoyable as when it’s sunny out, the rides do not shut down in the rain.

They only close when the weather drops below freezing or close to it. If that happens, several of the attractions won’t start back up again until the outside temps reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The DropLine is the exception to the rule since it stays open until temperatures hit a rather chilly 5 degrees.

The only attraction to shut down in the hot weather is the LumberJack Lifts, which calls it quits at 95 degrees. The rest keep on trucking no matter how hot it gets in the park.

With a good understanding of how the weather at Dollywood behaves through every season, you can get geared up for your adventures year-round. Just remember to take a look at the 10-day forecast before you pack up, so you’re sure what lies ahead. If you forget anything, you can likely find what you need at the many shops in Dollywood and all around Pigeon Forge.