Ultimate Guide to Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa

When it comes to visiting the greater Pigeon Forge area, you have a lot of options for places to stay and visit. You can keep your budget small and outdoors-focused by choosing from one of the area’s many fantastic campgrounds, or you can go large and luxurious by renting a large cabin retreat that looks out at the Great Smoky Mountains. Or what about a nice balance of affordability and easy access to some of the best of Pigeon Forge with an extra dash of family-friendliness? If that type of lodging sounds just right up your alley, then let us introduce you to all that’s great about Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa.

Finding DreamMore

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Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa is a massive resort-styled lodging that’s located a few miles north of Downtown Pigeon Forge and just off of Veterans Boulevard, or US Highway 449. As you’d probably expect, this Dolly-owned and themed hotel accommodation is conveniently located minutes from big Dollywood attractions like Dollywood’s Splash Country and Dollywood itself.

Room Amenities and Appearances

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All of the rooms at Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa have been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The team behind this resort has especially prioritized accommodating families with young children by ensuring that there are portable cribs available upon request for every room and offering standard rooms like the King with Bunk and Patio Poolside with Bunk. These two guest room options are listed among the standard room options but have been uniquely built with kid-friendly twin bunk beds for smaller children to enjoy and paired with a comfortable king-sized bed for parents or guardians.

What you can expect from these and other standard rooms include:

  • Spaciousness with over 350 square feet of living space in each room.
  • Complimentary high-speed wireless internet access
  • Cable channels
  • Small kitchenette area with a coffee maker (and coffee!) and a mini-refrigerator (perfect for storing those tasty restaurant leftovers for later)
  • And more

Your family can also upgrade beyond a standard room and choose instead a guest suite at Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa. Such suites offer a touch more amenities like additional rooms, working desks, and more sleeping accommodations.

Resort and Spa Amenities

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Of course, at a large resort and spa like this one, the location has more to offer than a comfortable room. Guests to Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa have access to a wide array of amenities and perks throughout their stay.

Many upscale hotels today have their own on-site restaurant — Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa has several on-site siting locations. Our team particularly recommends a visit to the location’s sit-down restaurant of Song & Hearth. Song & Hearth goes big on southern-styled meals, like their delicious buffet-style breakfast served every morning complete with fluffy, heart-shaped waffles. Unfortunately, Dolly’s DreamMore Resort & Spa does not offer a complimentary or included breakfast with guest stays, but they do regularly feature discounts and dining specials you can take advantage of. Additionally, while breakfast may not be complimentary, remember that wi-fi is throughout the resort and so too is parking.

Also onsite and available to all guests are several heated pools, including a full indoor pool that’s perfect for chilly-season swimming. Dolly’s DreamMore Resort & Spa also has a splash pad area for younger kids and a fully outfitted fitness center for adults needing their own extra exercise sessions. Finally, do not forget about that last word in this lodging’s name! There is an expansive on-site spa that is designed to help weary guests relax and find rejuvenation.

Enjoying Dollywood Perks With Your Stay at Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa

Guests staying at Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa can book their stay as part of a larger vacation package. For example, every spring and summer season, you can purchase two and three-day theme park ticket packages with your stay. This includes ticket packages to Dollywood or Dollywood’s Splash Country, or even multi-park tickets that mean discounted stays at the resort and entrance fees to both parks.

But the park connections don’t stop there. Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa makes vacationing at the parks a breeze with several attractive perks for resort guests. First off, getting to and from the parks is a breeze thanks to the complementary Door-to-Door Transportation via the company’s Exclusive Resort Trolley. This trolley offers fast, stress-free travel from the front door of the resort to the very entrance of both parks, thereby saving you on parking fees and the time and stress of finding a good parking spot.

Guests also can enter either of the parks an hour early on Saturdays, enjoying first go on all of the available rides and attractions. Yet, that might not even be the best perk! Guests enjoy priority access tickets for all rides throughout their time in the parks and enjoy complimentary Dollywood TimeSaver passes as part of that. Dollywood TimeSaver passes are valued at $60 and work by giving the pass holders five expedited entries on participating attractions and priority seatings for shows happening at several of the best Dollywood theaters.

Finally, guests of Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa also enjoy a unique and convenient perk known as complimentary package delivery. This enables guests to make purchases of big or fragile souvenirs like artwork and children’s toys and not worry about carrying them for the rest of the day. Instead, they’ll go through trusted Dollywood personnel and be delivered for free and without trouble back to the resort where you can pick them up at the front desk following your day’s adventure.

Learn More About Dollywood and Pigeon Forge

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We hope this low-down on all that Dolly’s DreamMore Resort and Spa helps you decide whether or not the resort is the right lodging for you during your vacation. However, while it is easy and certainly enjoyable to spend your vacation at the Dolly theme parks and resorts, there are plenty of other things in Pigeon Forge to entertain you. Be sure to visit our other pages to learn more about them!