5 Reasons Why Dollywood Isn’t Just For Kids!

There’s no denying that Dolly Parton is the most famous name to come out of Sevierville and the greater Pigeon Forge area, and Dollywood is the most visited attraction in this area. Built up by Dolly Parton herself as well as her family, Dollywood is a fantastic theme park that pays tribute to the Smoky Mountain region and offers people of all ages great entertainment.

Yes, that’s right. Dollywood is a fantastic theme park for adults as well as children. The park’s slogan is Love Every Moment, and we couldn’t agree more. Here’s a look at what adults (of all ages) have to look forward for their visit at this Appalachian theme park:

5 BIG Reasons Why Dollywood Isn’t Just for Kids — The Definitive Adult Guide

One of the Fastest Wooden Roller Coasters in the World

Dollywood is a verifiable amusement park; one with big, fast rides, including outstanding roller coasters. In fact, Dollywood is home to one of the world’s fastest (at one time, the fastest) wooden roller coasters. This exciting coaster is called Lightning Rod and is themed after a tricked-out 1950s-era hot rod. The coaster takes its riders across an incredible 3,800 feet of wooden racks at speeds as high as 73 miles per hour. That is some incredible, exciting speeds and this roller coaster does so within just three minutes and 12 seconds.

Dolly Parton herself helped to design this coaster, noting that she wanted guests to experience something as fast and pretty as those colorful hot rods of yesteryear. In 2015, it was the single largest attraction investment the Dollywood company had ever made. And while its designation as the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster has been taken away, it remains a fantastic ride and certainly a big draw, along with the park’s nine other roller coasters, for adults who love fast and beautiful coasters.

Tons of Handcrafted Products to Buy & Watch Being Made

Dollywood has a lot of roller coasters and other theme park rides (over 50 unique rides in fact), but that’s not all you will find at this amusement park. Not even close. Remember, Dollywood was created to pay tribute to the greater Smoky Mountain region and a part of that tribute is to celebrate the artisans and craftsmen, and women of the area.

Adults interested in learning more about Appalachian culture and its arts and crafts will appreciate the many specialized vendors set up throughout the park. Enjoy watching professional glassblowers, soap makers, and more create their beautiful products. All of these handmade products are then available for sale.

Protected Eagle Habitat & Other Wildlife

One thing that many Dollywood newcomers are surprised to see within this theme park — and a good reason for adults to come and visit — is its 30,000-square-foot aviary. This aviary plays home to the largest presentation of bald eagles in the United States. These bald eagles are ones that cannot be safely released into the wild, but ones who enjoy a quality life within an outstanding habitat for the use of education, exhibition, and rehabilitation. If you love big birds or otherwise want to learn more about bald eagles, then you will love this part of Dollywood.

Lots of Music History & Personal Dolly Touches

Adults who love Dolly Parton and folk and country music will find plenty of unique and interesting touches throughout the Dollywood theme park. There are, of course, the big attractions and historical memorabilia, such as Dolly Parton’s old tour bus that is set up for everyone to get in and explore, but this theme park also has tons of wonderful personal touches throughout the park.

In addition to these big attractions, you will find artistic metal plaques throughout the park’s garden areas. These beautiful metal signs pay tribute to Dolly Parton’s friends, beloved contemporaries, and influencers who have since passed on, including Tammy Wynette, Grandpa Jones, Ray Price, and many more. Many more tributes can be found within the Dollywood museum.

A Special Piece of History for Die-Hard Dolly Parton Fans

Well, first off, if you are a die-hard Dolly Parton fan, the Dolly museum is probably enough of a reason for you to come and visit this beautiful park for yourself. But if you did need some more convincing that this is a park for adults as well as kids, then consider that super special future piece of history here.

What we are talking about here is a sheet of lyrics that Dolly Parton has already written and listed as her, “last song.” The sheet music for this last song is enclosed in a wooden box that all Dollywood guests can see for themselves on the bottom floor of the DreamMore Resort. You can see the box and more information about the song, but not the sheet music itself as Parton’s wishes are for it to be revealed only on her 100th birthday.

Bonus: All the Fantastic Entertainment!

You can imagine that a place built by a country music star is going to have a lot of live entertainment, but you might be surprised by just how much. Within the theme park, you will find the Dreamsong Theater, the Back Porch Theater, The Village Depot Stage, Showstreet Palace Theater, Valley Theater, Showstreet Gazebo, and Heartsong Theater — all of which always have a regular schedule of events and professional performers. For a truly magical musical experience, go during the summer and stay to watch the evening lights show paired with live music.

Learn More About the Many Attractions of Pigeon Forge

Dollywood is truly for everyone and certainly, in some ways, adults will get more out of a visit to this exciting theme park than young children. But this theme park is just the start of what Pigeon Forge has to offer. Make sure to visit our other pages to learn more about the many attractions, including outdoor recreational areas, that this part of Appalachia has to offer.